#21 - Best Small Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Professional Services
LOCATION: California

This customer insight consulting firm is as focused on employee experience as user experience. A $400 per year personal technology allowance keeps employees equipped with the latest hardware and software. A love of technology and wellness sees AnswerLab’s employees outfitted with FitBits so that they can track their physical activity and participate in company-wide fitness competitions. The CEO invites employees to join her on Walk-and-Talks to encourage one-on-one interaction with leadership and get people moving at the same time, while the “Big Hairy Ugly Monkey” award goes out periodically to the employee who tackles the most challenging project, becoming the company’s unofficial mascot as he travels from desk to desk.

Having fun around the office, AnswerLab employees filled the CEO's office with balloons while she was away on her honeymoon.
answerlab-solarthon-2012 answerlab-group-photo-oct-2011
During a Giving Back event, AnswerLab employees installed solar panels for low income families. Employees pause for a group photo during one of AnswerLab’s quarterly all-company meeting and team building events.