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Key Strategies to Creating a Great Place to Work


May 23, 2012
Center for Leadership & Executive Development
University of Dayton
Dayton, OH 45469

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“What is the business value of creating a GREAT workplace?”

Are you intrigued by the creative, productive work environment at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Marriot International, FedEx, and NetApp, yet struggle with how to get there? In this program, Great Place to Work® Institute insiders Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin explore the concept of a great workplace and answer that fundamental question through their anecdotes, best practices and real-life examples.

Building trust in the workplace is a powerful advantage to your team and your company, but it‘s just a start. A "great workplace" is one where employees not only trust the people they work for, but take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with. Drawing on decades of research, Burchell and Robin articulate the importance of building great workplace culture and bring ideas for how leaders can create and reinforce the core values of trust, pride and camaraderie with every communication, decision and interaction. Over time, leading to better recruitment, lower turnover, loyal customers, higher productivity and, just as important, a more fulfilling work experience for managers and employees alike.

This Program will help leaders:
  • Position your workplace as a competitive business advantage.
  • Identify techniques to build trust deliberately and consistently throughout your organization‘s culture.
  • Understand the key roles leaders play in creating a great workplace, and analyze the effectiveness of current management practices.