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Admiral Group PLC

Admiral launched in 1993 with just one brand, zero customers and 57 members of staff. The Group now has operations in Spain, Italy, France and the US, and has over five million customers. Their philosophy is that people who like what they do, do it better so they ensure coming to work at Admiral is enjoyable. They are proud to offer an honest and open culture, every member of staff is treated as an equal, achievement is rewarded and recognized and most of all, going to work is fun.

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What you should know

The values at Admiral rest on four pillars: communication, equality, reward and recognition, and fun. All of these core principles work together to create an environment where people look forward to coming to work and where they go the extra mile. Admiral truly believes that happy staff equals happy customers.

At Admiral, they firmly believe that managers are there to support staff, adhering to an inverted pyramid system with the staff at the top and managers at the bottom. This idea turns traditional thought on its head and shows that frontline staff are the most important people in the organization.

To support that belief, former CEO, Henry Engelhardt, established seven principles to be a good manager: 1) Put yourself in the place of the people you manage; 2) Remember your targets, but keep in mind that very few of them will be met without the effort of those you are managing; 3) Get out of your chair; 4) Never forget how important you are to the people you manage; 5) Pitch in and help. Don’t do everything, but don’t automatically delegate, 6) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Feedback, feedback, feedback; 7) Leave your ego at the door when you come in each morning.

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Employee Quotes

"The team is one of the friendliest and easiest to approach of any I've worked with. The company has done a good job of creating small team atmosphere in a large organization."
"No matter the circumstance, as an employee of Admiral you can be sure that there will always be someone on hand to support you - from top managers, supervisors, coaches and employees. There is always someone you can go to."
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