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Autodesk is the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Everyone - from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists - uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve big, tough global challenges.

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Autodesk supports innovation in many ways – whether it’s through encouraging social collaboration and crowdsourcing or providing employees with opportunities to hear from senior leaders about their own career journeys.

The Autodesk Idea Connection platform gives employees a voice, a central place to share ideas, and an easy way to connect those ideas to the right stakeholders. People can submit their own ideas, or vote for ideas submitted by others. Idea submissions include all the relevant details necessary to get a project off the ground, and once an idea has reached a certain level of maturity, it moves through the vetting process where it can be considered for implementing. To date, more than 800 ideas have been submitted in Idea Connection and 30 of those have been implemented – ranging from creating a "work-sabbatical" program to hackathon events.

The Mentoring for All Speaker Series (MASS) invites employees to hear from senior leaders about their own career and leadership experience, which helps promote professional and personal growth for all employees. These talks are held quarterly and are posted internally for easy access.

Employees appreciate Autodesk’s inclusive culture – both internally and externally. One administrative professional notes, "I am accustomed to behind-the-scenes work, which is often tedious and thankless. At this company, I am treated as not only an equal to my team members, but encouraged to see what else I am capable of professionally beyond my current position. Never have I had this experience of feeling like I was hired as an investment, and I really appreciate the opportunity to grow."

Supporting growth and having a positive impact extends to clients, as well. "Management strives to be inclusive with customers and staff. We have begun to shift our focus from it all being about "us" to truly understanding that what we do is about them. That shift is management mentality is making the organization stronger, more effective, and a better place to work," says another Autodesk team member.

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"Adecco’s values are very progressive compared to other places I’ve worked. Adecco stands by what they say and does what they say they’ll do."
"The freedom given for your own contribution and actions is unique. The manager does not work in a controlling way, but shows you trust in your ability to execute your work well. This is very important to me."
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