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Belcorp is a Peruvian multinational with 49 years of experience in the beauty industry, operating under the direct sales model in 15 countries. Belcorp believes in women, recognize their entrepreneurial spirit and strengthens their capacity to transform their lives and environment.

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At Belcorp, it is fundamental to develop talent by promoting the best people through innovative ways of working, creating opportunities to grow, and fostering a culture of high performance with solid leadership focused on achieving extraordinary results.

Through SUMMA development program, each employee, along with his/her manager define the challenges he/she is going to focus on the year. The development program is simple, it only consists in two types of dialogues:

1. Kick off dialogue (from January to March)

2. Continuous development dialogue (all year)

Through these challenges, all of the employees should improve their skills and have learning experiences that will develop and prepare them for future opportunities in the company, and of course, these challenges have to contribute with the achievement of the business objectives of the team.

As part of the SUMMA program, Belcorp also has the Belcorp Corporate University (UCB) offering tools promoting development of the expected competencies based on each employee’s specific needs.

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Employee Quotes

"For me Belcorp is my second home, here I have been able to develop professionally and as a woman I have given the chance to thousands of women to change their lives and be respected by those around them. I really cannot see myself in another company, here I feel whole and recognized."
"It is a place where I can develop every day as a person and a professional and I love to help many people through this job."
"I love waking up every day knowing I have a place like Belcorp where I can develop my skills and feel I’m useful with what I give. I love meeting my team to challenge constantly ourselves, always looking ways to be different, celebrate achievements together, be close to one another, knowing and feeling we are an important part of Belcorp".
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