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Cadence Design Systems

Cadence is an electronic design automation company providing software, hardware, and intellectual property to design advanced semiconductor chips, boards, and systems. Its industry-leading technology is essential for the development of next-generation smartphones, bio-medical devices, cloud infrastructure, and many other products that transform lives.

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Hunger for innovation with an emphasis on humility is how Cadence Design Systems CEO, Lip-Bu Tan, encourages employees to approach their work. He says, "It has been almost 9 years since I became CEO and it’s amazing to see what we’ve accomplished with our culture, our business, and our customers, but it takes years to master success. I am inspired and I am committed to work together to make it happen."

One employee shares his perspective on Tan’s approach and commitment to collective success: "Lip-Bu and his management team shows in their action that being humble does not necessarily mean that you will have to lose in competition. If anything, it helps you win, because by being humble you learn where your weaknesses are and that is how you prepare for the competition."

Staying tuned in to the latest trends and hot topics is important to driving growth at Cadence. The monthly Speaker Series invites experts from the organization to cover topics like cybersecurity and team diversity and has included a career panel session with Women in Tech. Since its inception in 2014, the series has grown to include teams across North America, EMEA, India, Japan, and China. In 2016, more than 5,200 employees across the globe tuned in for these 1-hour events, both in-person and online. These sessions support knowledge sharing and growth, connecting employees with what they need to know to be agents of change and innovation.

Cadence promotes performance and rewards people based on their achievements, regardless of tenure, role, or background. A member of the US team remarks, "This makes this a great place to work for young, hands-on people who want to get things done and are able to have the same performance as others with many more years in the area." Meaningful experiences and opportunities to show one’s strengths keeps employees feeling engaged and contributing their best.

Another employee shares the excitement of being part of the cutting edge and what it means to shape the future of the world through technology: "We are all contributing to creating great technology that is changing the world we live in in profound and exciting ways. Working with the best minds in our industry to envision the future and finding ways to make it happen is a rewarding challenge."

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"Cadence is a great company. I strongly admire Lip-Bu Tan as leader and CEO. He is great leader. He not only emphasizes on working hard and smart but also advocates about contributing to community and care about family. In all our quarterly meetings, he always recommends a book for us to read and improve."
"Vast opportunities to volunteer and serve - whether it’s to participate in one of many Cadence organized community volunteer efforts or to participate in another volunteer activity, such as an international mission trip of our choice supporting causes that have personal meaning. I’m thrilled that Cadence offers a Volunteer Time Off Program which enables full-time employees to take up to five business days (40 hours) off work, with pay, per calendar year."
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