With 127 years of history, Falabella is one of the largest companies in Latin America. It develops its commercial activity through various business areas, including department stores, large surfaces, home improvement and building, CMR commercial financing company, bank, travel and Falabella insurance.

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Falabella is a dynamic company, constantly innovating to remain at the vanguard. Listening to all company members is fundamental. It is important to know their opinions, wishes and what they need to perform in their roles, aligning the needs and expectations of both parties.

The objective is to establish close links and create synergy in the organization through its own communication style, favoring spaces and channels for listening such as the Trust Meetings, where store employees voluntarily share their ideas, opinions, and proposals for evaluation and implementation in a concrete plan of action.

Feedback Polls help gauge the perception of the communication process between leaders and employees, both in the quantity and quality of the interactions.

Feedback is considered essential as a contribution to the business thus these actions happen at different times throughout the year, through various processes. For example, the formal feedback in the Performance Evaluation process provides opportunities at least once quarterly for employees to talk with their immediate boss about daily work and follow-up to their development plan and improvement opportunities.

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I can ask management any reasonable question and get a straight answer.


People celebrate special events around here.

Employee Quotes

"Motivation and communication among employees and bosses is vertical and horizontal. I am at liberty to talk with other bosses and even the store director and the relation I have with everyone is fluid and cordial. Personally, I totally trust my sector boss and am supported for harmonious work and, if she sees me down, she always has just the right word of encouragement. That makes my job easy."
"I think it is an excellent place to work because of the attention and importance given to each employee, not only as an employee, but fundamentally as persons. It is an organization where there is freedom of expression, where initiatives can be proposed and where one is always listened to."
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