The Hilti Group supplies the worldwide construction industry with technologically leading products, systems, software and services that provide construction professionals with innovative solutions and superior added value. Every day, Hilti’s technologies support awe-inspiring feats of engineering around the world – from the famous bullet train in Japan to metro tunnels deep under the largest cities on earth. What makes Hilti such a unique place to work is their high-performing culture, which is based on a combination of personal performance, teamwork and support. They are challenging but nurturing, daring but trusting.

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Last year, Hilti, a family-owned company, celebrated 75 years of providing innovative solutions and growing from a true garage start-up into a global brand. Today, more than 26,000 people in more than 120 countries work together to "passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future." More than two-thirds of its employees work directly with customers in sales, support and engineering functions generating more than 230,000 direct daily interactions with customers.

Team members are constantly going the extra mile for each other and especially for customers. This hard work deserves recognition, formally as well as informally. That’s why a key imperative of Hilti Champion 2020 business strategy is cultivating and rewarding a high-performing global team.

They have many formalized programs as well as a culture of encouraging each other and spontaneously recognizing a good job. Each team member receives a bonus payment either on an annual, monthly, or quarterly basis. To enhance their pay-for-performance philosophy, annual bonus statements are created to further engage their team, focusing on three components: overall profit contribution to the global Hilti Group, team goals, and individual performance.

But recognition is not only from within the company but also from those at the heart of everything they do: their customers. Clients have the opportunity to submit an online customer feedback form to recognize a Hilti Team Member for a Positive Customer Experience. The top team member with the most impactful customer experience receives the annual Enthusiastic Customer award and is recognized via their corporate recognition program with points for merchandise.

This caring and performance-orientated culture is so important to Hilti, that it is explicitly placed as the foundation of their corporate business strategy.

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"Management really care about your success. Give you the proper training needed to do the job and have mini training all through the year."
"We have a powerful and meaningful mission statement. We back it up with an incredible people and value strategy. We aim for the best in who we are and what we do".
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