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Hilton is a leading global hospitality company, comprising more than 5,100 properties in 103 countries and territories. Hilton has a portfolio of 14 brands and an award-winning customer loyalty program, Hilton Honors.

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Hospitality isn’t just for guests at Hilton – this attitude extends to employees, as well. Keeping people informed and allowing colleagues to have a voice on what’s going on at the organization helps Hilton keep its culture alive and thrive as a business. It can be hard to stay connected in such a large, geographically dispersed organization, but Hilton’s internal communication practices help cross boundaries and build connections.

Case in point – Lobby Buzz, Hilton’s new social engagement app. The goal of the app is to connect team members across departments, properties, and geographies with the news they need, when they need it. Not only that, the content is made to be shareable with team members’ personal networks, too.

Seems like a pretty big undertaking, right? Well, the hard work has paid off and more than 2,300 team members downloaded the app during its initial limited release, resulting in more than 8,300 news and social posts shared and 3.5 million social media impressions. "I have been working for Hilton for 19 years. I was totally excited when Lobby Buzz came out. It’s a great way to share some of the unique things that are going on at Hilton [with my friends] without worrying if this information can be shared externally," says a Lobby Buzz user at Hilton’s corporate headquarters.

Another way Hilton supports communication is through ShareCast, a platform for the people, by the people. The platform is meant for team members to share ideas, ask questions, and make suggestions. One employee shares how ShareCast helps him perform better, "ShareCast is an ideal platform for best practice discussion and sharing. If I am facing a challenge then I can easily search the portal to see if any peers have had the same challenge and how they resolve. I can also ask for help if the topic hasn’t appeared before. In addition, I can also share my best practices for my peers to implement at their hotels."

Hilton knows that collaboration is a great way to fuel innovation and it has created the Brand Hospitality Collaborative to support cross-functional improvements in key areas, like learning and development, recognition, and corporate responsibility. "It’s an exceptional way to share information, gather feedback/input, and collaborate across brands and departments impacting Team Member engagement. Working with the Collaborative ALWAYS equals a better work product for my team," says one member of the group.

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"I am able to be myself 24/7. They trust and empower me to represent my team and this organization - and I do all I can to uphold that responsibility. Over the past 13 years, most of my best friends are from Hilton - the relationship that are made at our hotels and at the corporate level are amazing."
"Hilton is a great place to work because it feels like everyone is working together as a team to reach goals that have been put in place."
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