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SAS creates analytic software that turns data – about customers, operations, financials and more – into insight. In 149 countries, customers use SAS to boost marketing, battle cybercrime, speed drugs to market, streamline supply chains and much more.

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SAS knows its people make the difference at SAS. As SAS India, Head of Research and Development, Moti Thadani notes, We build our culture around a strong identification with our Company Values – Accountable, Authentic, Curious, Passionate. Everybody grows up with values inculcated by our parents. Having a consistent set of values at work, however, makes it clear how we work, how we think, how we treat each other and who we are!

Its holistic care for its employees, dedication to excellence, and commitment to keeping people well informed about the business strategy create an environment that has earned SAS long-time recognition as a great workplace across the globe.

Internal communication is a priority for SAS and the company creates lots of different ways for people to stay updated on priorities big and small. The Let’s Talk More series gives employees insights on where SAS is heading and what the company is going to get there. It has evolved from featuring one executive to including multiple leaders and experts from across divisions to discuss important strategic topics. This allows employees to hear different perspectives on a single issue and to come away with a multidimensional understanding of initiatives and how employees’ efforts contribute to their success. The Month in a Minute video series summarizes the major updates across the previous month and packages them up in a brief clip so SAS’s busy employees have a chance to catch up on things they might have missed.

Employees are given a wealth of opportunities to develop their skills to help them grow professionally and personally. Leaders at all levels of the organization support and encourage people to take advantage of development programs. People strive to meet a high bar and push themselves to innovate. One employee in the US remarks, "Top management -- Jim Goodnight and those that report directly to him -- has a commitment to excellence that I've not experienced elsewhere. They care about delivering innovation that makes a difference for people. They understand that innovation comes from confident, creative people and support their employees in a way that brings out the best in them."

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"People are able to evolve at SAS through continuing education and training. I often work alongside colleagues who started mowing grass here, and end up in R&D or some other department because they worked through college and graduate school. There is a sense of community at SAS - and people behave with this in mind."
"I just turned 23 and I have responsibilities that far exceed my level of experience. Management trusts and fully believes in the idea that millennials are the future of this company. I am able to soak up knowledge from many individuals who have worked at SAS LONGER THAN I HAVE BEEN ALIVE. Not a lot of companies can offer that type of intangible asset to recent graduates looking to jump start their career."
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