16. AbbVie


AbbVie is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to use its expertise, dedicated people and unique approach to innovation to develop and market advanced therapies that address some of the world's most complex and serious diseases.

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What you should know

AbbVie provides its people with opportunities to give back to the community in ways that reflect and align to the company’s mission and impact. Employees at Abbvie Canada are encouraged to do meaningful service and can apply to participate in the Uniterra Leave for Change international volunteer program, working in a developing country in one of six different sectors: HIV/AIDS, agriculture and rural development, basic education, health and nutrition, youth programs, or private sector development. For each AbbVie employee accepted into the program, AbbVie contributes one vacation week as well as $4,500 towards the cost of the program.

In Italy, AbbVie employees can participate in the annual Week of Possibilities community service program. One project teams worked on was helping out at a hospital for seriously ill children, contributing time and resources to cleaning and upgrading the facilities.

The company also encourages creating an internal community by fostering stronger connections on a personal level. AbbVie Sweden developed its Your Day program, which invites employees and managers to spend a half-day together doing a fun activity that the employee chooses, like cooking together or going on a shopping trip. In Turkey, employees can share their love of animals with its annual Pet Calendar. People can share photos of their own furry family members or homeless animals that they take care of. Each photo is accompanied by a description and is distributed as part of AbbVie’s year-end holiday gift to employees.

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Find out about open job opportunities at AbbVie on its career page.

Employee Comments

“The company values a combination of experience from senior staff mixed with new thinking for our younger generation. People tend to have long lasting careers in this company."
“Our company culture is amazing! People work hard and are genuinely interested in always doing better."
“The leadership team works really professionally and with foresight to master the challenges in an increasingly complex work environment in the future as well."
“Great trust in the employees, so you can work much freer, more motivated and more efficient. Clear strategy requirements. Everyone pulls together -almost like a family. You are very welcome to work at AbbVie. All in all, a great employer!"