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Admiral launched in 1993 with just one brand, zero customers and 57 members of staff. The Group now has operations in Spain, Italy, France and the US, and has over five million customers. Their philosophy is that people who like what they do, do it better, so they ensure coming to work at Admiral is enjoyable. They are proud to offer an honest and open culture, where every member of staff is treated as an equal, achievement is rewarded and recognized and most of all, going to work is fun.

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What you should know

Admiral is passionate about its employees’ happiness and engagement. It lives up to its commitment to make work fun by offering opportunities for people to create connections and share their feedback on how they’re feeling.

Employees in Canada are able to participate in Face Time sessions with their direct reports. The hour-long session is planned by the employee and can include things like running errands, going for a walk, etc. The employee dictates the schedule and the objective is twofold: provide additional work/life balance and forge a stronger connection between the employee and his/her direct support. Ultimately this improves the employee’s job performance and satisfaction.

In Spain, Admiral employees can share feedback on a daily basis through the Happy2Lucky tool. It works through a mobile app in which all employees can participate anonymously and transparently. It allows quick solutions in real time. The feedback is used to create actionable solutions to issues and to help retain top talent. Another feedback mechanism is the Stop, Start, Continue conversations that occur in the United Kingdom. These are open, face to face discussion forums with front line staff, without the manager present. Staff share what they would like to stop in their department, what they would like to start happening and the things that they would like to continue.

There is a Ministry of Fun (MOF) committee in Italy that organizes fun events for the whole organization. Each month, a different department hosts the activity that not only includes camaraderie-building opportunities for employees, but includes a charitable giving component, too. Some events have included aspects of environmental awareness through plastic recycling competitions, costume contests, and treasure hunts.

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Employee Comments

"The company always manages to create a playful atmosphere that inspires great work, with departmental initiatives such as MOF, daily celebrations, and internal contests."
"Our ideas and opinions are always welcome and here you live in a climate of happiness (parties, games, jokes, music, food, games rooms, outdoor, etc.) If you have never worked in another company, it's hard to understand the luck you have here!"
"Days are broken up with activities that you couldn't possibly find anywhere else, such as the Harry Potter Halloween month that just passed where I took part in the Quidditch trials and snitch hunting! I've learned to expect the unexpected and that's what makes it such an exciting place to work."
"I know if there is something that I need I can ask somebody who will be able to help or be able to point me in the right direction. I have worked here for nearly 18 years, without this company I wouldn't have the life I have. I have met my partner here and have a child together all because of this company."