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Belcorp is a Peruvian multinational with 50 years of experience in the beauty industry, operating under the direct sales model in 15 countries. Belcorp believes in women, recognizes their entrepreneurial spirit and strengthens their capacity to transform their lives and environment.

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What you should know

Laughter is the best remedy - it’s free and it's fun. Belcorp puts this into practice through hosting unique laughter therapy workshops for a variety of teams, groups, and departments. It is an invitation to play, to share, and to live in the moment. These sessions are very successful among employees, with full attendance at the quarterly workshops.

Belcorp promotes levity while also taking women’s economic independence seriously. Through its business model, women are able to grow as entrepreneurs who have been able to support and their families and contribute to the growth of their communities. At Belcorp, 81% of employees are women, and they are able to develop themselves and their careers in an environment of empowerment.

Not only does Belcorp support women internally, but does the same for women in its communities through the Belcorp Foundation. The Belcorp Foundation’s mission Its mission is to awaken and develop, in women, capacities so that they imagine a better future and make it a reality. Its vision is to be the business foundation that contributes the most to the empowerment of women in Latin America, so they could be the authors of their own lives and agents of transformation of society. The Foundation operates in 6 countries of the region and has benefited more than 15,000 girls, young women and women in Latin America.

Belcorp participates in activities that protect and preserve communities in Latin America, like the Vamos Clombia Magdalena Day, held with the community of the Arhuaco indigenous reservation of Katanzama. During the event, Belcorp employees cleaned and restored facilities, planted a community garden, and hosted workshops on the use of technology.

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Employee Comments

"The work environment is unique, I have had the opportunity to be in other companies and Belcorp strives to generate healthy work environments, collaborative, very dynamic and especially family, generating strong interpersonal relationships."
"It is a company that genuinely cares about its employees, their development and well-being. It is a company where leaders, in general terms, are oriented by objectives without neglecting teamwork and their collaborators. This makes the difference."
"We are united by the values of the company and that makes us all to work focused and achieve the proposed objectives as a team, making us feel part of a company that moves forward."