15. Cadence Design Systems Inc


Cadence is an electronic design automation company providing software, hardware, and intellectual property to design advanced semiconductor chips, boards, and systems. Its industry-leading technology is essential for the development of next-generation smartphones, bio-medical devices, cloud infrastructure, and many other products that transform lives.

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What you should know

Cadence strives to support the development and advancement of women, working to create an environment where women can cultivate their talents, contribute in meaningful ways, and be rewarded for their excellence. Formerly known as the Women’s Forum, the departmental-level WOW and FOCUS programs were added under the same umbrella to create Women@Cadence. The Cadence “Women’s Forum” has been a force for inclusivity and diversity at Cadence. With its speaker series, networking events, roundtables, and more, it has engaged numerous employees—both male and female alike. Building of the success of the Women’s Forum, Women@Cadence holds speaker series, networking events, and other events to enable and empower female employees.

The Female Top Talent Sponsorship Program’s objective is to create a pipeline of female leadership talent from within Cadence. The sponsorship program is a structural effort to support and promote top female talent, especially in technical roles. A selection of 12 to 15 women with high leadership potential to support, mentor, and promote into leadership roles.

A culture of fairness and equality drives the company to ensure fair compensation practices among women and men. To ensure that the company practices fair compensation practices, awarding women and men comparable merit increases, promotions, and stock grants, the company rigorously audits itself. The internal auditing shows that Cadence awarded relatively equal merit increases, promotions, and stock grants and they continue to monitor and look for ways to ensure fairness.

Understanding that student loan debt can place a significant financial burden on recent graduates and as part of their commitment to helping their employees live their best life, Cadence implemented a program called Flex 365. Designed to help high-potential talent pay off their student loan, this benefit serves as an excellent recruiting and retention tool for high-potential employees burdened with student loan debt.

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Employee Comments

"I believe everyone at Cadence is given an equal opportunity. We are a tremendously diverse company and we seek the best individuals for the job. I am proud of what Cadence does and believe that we make a difference in the world--both with our products but also the individual contributions that our employees make in the community."
"I think the company spends a great deal of time and attention on helping us in our lives to succeed and manage our lives outside of work (the efforts they put on providing benefits and making us aware of what is there). I think the management works hard to develop and describe the desired culture and nurture that. I'm impressed with the amount of support they provide for people to do volunteer work."
"The work culture in this company is amazing. People around you are warm and treat you well. Every single individual is recognized for her efforts and qualities."