7. Mercado Libre


MercadoLibre is Latin America's most popular e-commerce site by number of visitors. It is an Argentine company that joined NASDAQ-100 in 2017, dedicated to e-commerce and online auctions, including It operates under five main business units. MarketPlace is its platform for users to sell products, Mercado Pago is its payment platform for online sales, Mercado Publicado is the advertising portion of MercadoLibre, Mercado Shops is a tool designed to enhance the platform's overall ecosystem, and Mercado Crédito is the company's credit line.

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What you should know

Continuous growth, development, and curiosity is part of the Mercado Libre (MELI) culture and self-directed learning is a clear reflection of its entrepreneurial DNA. Aligned to the ever-changing evolution of the tech industry, MELI encourages disruptive learning. In contrast to more traditional methods, it encourages the creation of communities and networks where knowledge is generated in a collaborative and enterprising way among its people. The company supports what they call “knowledge nomads,” who are people that take a self-directed and enterprising approach to growth.

Learning isn’t the only focus area at MELI; they are also committed to creating and supporting sustainability programs. Its programs fall into three categories: planet, social development, and education and entrepreneurship. It is taking actions to become a carbon-neutral organization and it partners with more than 600 NGOs, including those that provide education to underprivileged youth to those that support community development.

MELI also supports work-life balance by providing many programs for new mothers and fathers, including parental leave, nursery rooms, flexible work arrangements without pay reduction, and childcare programs covered by the company.

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Employee Comments

"It is a disruptive company in every sense of the word, the difference makes us stand out. The physical environment, plus the work environment contribute to make it a very pleasant place to work. You learn and you challenge yourself every day, you work autonomously. We have a thousand benefits."
"The freedom to start new projects and innovate in function of the objectives are two constant purpose. We do not download formulas or recipes, everyone is encouraged to constantly present new proposals and bring them to the table. That makes the work at MELI dynamic and challenging, since it depends entirely on what you want to give."