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Natura is the largest multinational Brazilian cosmetic and beauty products. As one of the major world B Companies, Natura is part of a global web of organizations bringing together economic growth and promoting social and environmental well-being.

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What you should know

Natura is focused on giving to its community through collective action, the Creer Para Ver program in Mexico, which raises funds for education in the country. Its investment strategy is based on three main areas: the improvement of quality, equity, and education in Mexico. Natura invests in projects such as Learning Communities, focused on the social and educational transformation that begins at school and impacts the entire community. This and other projects are funded by the Creer Para Ver line, where 100% go toward improving public education in Mexico.

Another way Natura contributes to its communities is with its Manager for a Week program in Peru. This initiative welcomes university students to develop their management and leadership skills by partnering with a Natura leader. The company partners with different universities to identify students to participate in the program through a selection process. Students are interviewed to better understand their skills, competencies, and areas of interest, and they are placed in departments that best suited their profiles.

Natura’s Impulsar program targets high-potential employees and provides accelerated paths to growth within the company. Participants in the program take part in activities that include short courses in universities that aim to boost their development. Employees are given wide breadth of flexibility in choosing course and programs that align with their interests and professional goals.

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Employee Comments

“The professional development and the effort that the company puts into improving the balance between my personal and work life makes me constantly encouraged to develop my work every day."
“The special thing about working here is that I always feel recognized, valued and I feel that my family is also part of the company through all benefits that they offer me, making my quality of life better as well as personal development opportunities."