10. SAS Institute Inc.


SAS creates analytic software that turns data – about customers, operations, financials and more – into insight. In 149 countries, customers use SAS to boost marketing, battle cybercrime, speed drugs to market, streamline supply chains and much more.

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What you should know

SAS is well-known for its world-class culture, beautiful facilities, and focus on work-life balance. The company continues to show it cares for its people and their families, and their communities through its many longstanding practices and programs.

Since 1981, SAS Child Care’s mission has been to provide the highest-quality early childhood experience possible for children of SAS employees. Two on-site centers offer company-subsidized care for over 300 children, ages six weeks to five years. A staff of 115 guarantees low teacher-child ratios. The company’s low turnover rate ensures consistent care and highly trained, experienced caregivers. With the centers centrally located on campus, parents can pop by for a visit or to take their child to lunch in one of the company cafes. Engagement in your child’s early school experience is easy at SAS. In addition to on-site care, SAS also provides child care tuition assistance to 500 children of employees in Cary and the US regional offices.

With the SAS Analytics U program, the company strengthens its involvement in higher education. As part of this global initiative, SAS offers free downloadable versions of a University edition, where you can find free e-learning, tutorials and comprehensive course material for the SAS courses for lectures. The offer is rounded up with a contact person in each national company, which actively supervises colleagues and provides the student groups with contact to other departmental colleagues. The initiative allows young people of all ages as well as students and professors to access and use SAS software more easily and quickly than before. Furthermore, students and lecturers can use the business analytics solution package for free as online course offer. Regularly, student groups visit the German headquarters of Heidelberg, where they are given the comprehensive insight into the work of an international software house and the latest SAS technologies.

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Employee Comments

"The people here are like family and truly care about one another. The work is always challenging and engaging and there are plenty of opportunities to explore a different area of expertise."
"Dr. Goodnight believes that his most valuable resource drives out the gate each evening and returns the next morning. He treats all employees as such and provides the environment to accomplish our goals and be happy at work."
"The culture is not just a collection of benefits or on-site services. It stretches through to the work, too. Because folks here, up through leadership, sincerely value honesty, integrity, and making a good product, I am given a real opportunity to do my job as well as I can figure out how to. Schedules are realistic, requirements are managed properly, and bugs are fixed properly. As a result, I feel significantly better about the software that I work on when it goes out than I have at any other employer."