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The 2017 Best Small & Medium Workplaces: Enjoying an Edge for Growth

October 17, 2017 (San Francisco) – Great Place to Work and FORTUNE today announced their annual ranking of the Best Small & Medium Workplaces, plus research into how organizations can retain unique cultural advantages that drive business growth as they scale.

Surveys of thousands of employees across industries revealed that engagement usually drops as teams become larger. This is where the leading employers enjoy a distinct advantage going forward. Colleagues at the Best Medium Workplaces already scored their employers 33 percent higher on executive confidence, compared to peer organizations. The winners also boasted better results on questions linked to innovation, with scores from the Best Small Workplaces averaging 20 percent higher than at comparable employers.

Top-Ranked Small Workplaces: Top-Ranked Medium Workplaces:
Reltio Point B
Propeller Asana
StreamSets West Monroe Partners
Reliance Partners Intuitive Research and Technology
Tapestry Technologies Evergreen Home Loans

View the full list of 150 workplaces at Greatplacetowork.com

“Businesses experience notably faster growth when they offer a great workplace for all employees, regardless of role or personal traits. The Best Small & Medium Workplaces prevent gaps in employees’ experience before they become more difficult to address as organizations grow larger,” said Chinwe Onyeagoro, president of Great Place to Work.

Exceptional Workplaces Drive Business Results

  • Employees' experiences related to executive effectiveness, innovation-driving behaviors and management fairness tend to decline as headcount grows.
  • Across all businesses surveyed by Great Place to Work, those that reached the top quartile for executive effectiveness experienced median year-over-year revenue growth of 26 percent – 3X faster than companies in the bottom quartile.
  • Companies in the top quartile for innovation-driving behaviors reported 23 percent median annual revenue growth. That's also 3X faster than peers.

Thanks to their outstanding cultures, the Best Small & Medium Workplaces are cultivating the innovation and trustworthy leadership that will keep them highly competitive as they expand.

About the Best Small & Medium Workplaces

The ranking was based on anonymous feedback from more than 74,000 employees working at Great Place to Work-Certified™ organizations. Employees completed a Trust Index© survey with more than 50 questions assessing pride, camaraderie, executive effectiveness, innovation, benefits, professional development and other elements of a great workplace. Scores also considered organizations’ performance relative to their size and industry, as well as their ability to provide a great workplace for all employees, regardless of who they are or what they do. Survey results from eligible companies had a 6 percent margin of error, at most, with a 95 percent confidence level. Organizations with 10 to 99 employees were considered for the small workplaces list and those with 100-999 employees were considered for the medium list.

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