Come join the Trust Mindset Dance Party!

Come join the Trust Mindset Dance Party!

Success in business and in leadership is rooted in how deeply and broadly we trust our people. It is far too common for many of us to become very skeptical and limit the circle of people we trust deeply.

Now you have a chance to hone your trust-building skills at this year’s Great Place to Work For All Conference! Ed Frauenheim, Julian Lute and Paul Thallner of Great Place to Work will lead a workshop called Working it Out: The Trust Mindset™, Giftwork™ and You to help attendees develop the right Trust Mindset as well as Giftwork—two tools that are essential to creating great cultures and vital to professional and personal fulfillment.

Here’s a sneak peek – plus a preview of the Trust dance party!


The Trust Mindset concept allows us to explore our underlying beliefs and attitudes about trusting others, and how we might choose to have more faith in people—the foundation of a high-trust culture.

Giftwork is how great cultures apply the ideal Trust Mindset to daily interactions that deepen employees’ experience of trust. Giftwork infuses what you already do as a leader with a sense of generosity, individual intention, and inclusion. It is a practical way to turn every day activities into trust-building encounters that will change the way you engage with your team.

This workshop will be highly interactive, immersive and fun! Expect to be challenged, pushed to expand your comfort zone. When it comes to taking our trust-building to the next level, we definitely will work it out!

You'll learn:

  • Understanding the brain science and psychology behind the Trust Mindset, as well as the courage needed to have more faith in others in your organization and in your life.

  • Knowledge of the nine practice areas in which Giftwork can be used, and a practical plan to combine the best possible Trust Mindset with Giftwork to boost trust on your team, in your wider organization and in your professional and personal relationships.

  • The ability to reuse the principles and structure of the “Working it Out: The Trust Mindset™, Giftwork™ and You” workshop in your organization to improve trust and performance.

Hope to see you there!

Great Place to Work