Five Jobs that Stink at Year-End and what Employers can do about it

Five Jobs that Stink at Year-End and what Employers can do about it

While the holiday season sees many office workers spending more time crammed in the kitchen, swilling eggnog and eating baked goods from whatever cursed colleague is trying to make everyone fat, for some workers, there is no year-end merriment.  Here’s my top 5 list of jobs that stink at year-end and what great employers are doing to soften the bah-humbug.

1. Distribution Center/Fulfillment Workers
You know all those Christmas presents you’re ordering from your desk on Cyber-Monday?  Well, those orders get fulfilled somewhere, and for most people working in Distribution Centers for major retailers, the month of December is the busiest of the year!  The Container Store takes the time to make these bustling, albeit isolated, employees feel appreciated by sending the Marketing Team down to deliver breakfast and a little holiday cheer.  While a doughnut and a cup of coffee may not seem like much, it’s nice to know that the folks over at corporate have not forgotten how hard you are working.

2. Retail Sales Associate
The crowds, the long lines, the bad attitudes… it’s a wonder that even the most veteran retailers can keep a smile on their face this time of year.  Managers at Nordstrom often send letters of thanks home to employee’s families, to recognize and acknowledge the time commitment employees make at this time of year.  Extra discounts and special employee-only shopping events certainly help with the holiday spirit.

3. Accounting/Accounts Payable/Financial Services
A lot of money moves around during the holiday season with the end of the tax year and, for many businesses, the fiscal year as well.  For employees in financial services, accounting firms, or accounts payable/receivable roles, year-end is a lot like tax season!  Great workplaces are skilled at bringing the holidays to their employees!  ESL Federal Credit Union brings Santa onsite for the families of their employees.  Heinfield & Meech takes time to have their annual holiday party even during the crunch.  And employees at Edward Jones may be rewarded with gift cards if their team sings a holiday ditty during division meetings.

4. Medical Care
For employees in the caring professions, there is no time off for the holidays—including not just the doctors and nurses, but the people in security, facilities, and administration that keep hospitals running year round.  Not only does St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital host an onsite Christmas party for all employees, but they offer a special 2 AM holiday breakfast for employees on the night shift as well.  St. Jude also brings in a professional photographer for employees’ families to have a holiday portrait taken, showing a real commitment to making this time of year feel special, even for those who cannot take time off.

5. Delivery People
Ever wonder how all those holiday gifts you order online actually make it to you on time?  You’ve got committed, professional delivery people and the folks who help packages move around the country to thank for that.  FedEx may not have much time to celebrate the holiday season, but they help employees out where it matters most, by bringing in swing shift workers!  A great workplace like FedEx recognizes when employees are going above and beyond and helps in a way that matters most.

Does your job go crazy at year end?  What does your company do to help lighten the load and bring a bit of that holiday spirit?