Six Strategies for Attracting Talent: Strategy #5

Six Strategies for Attracting Talent: Strategy #5

Lesser-known brands can attract talent by using creative recruiting tactics

If your company has a brand name that few have heard of, that’s no reason to worry; however, it is a reason to get creative. Investing not just time and money, but true ingenuity into your recruiting strategy is a smart practice with a tangible ROI.

Recruitment Foot Soldiers

If birds of a feather flock together, then your next great hire may very well be a close friend or acquaintance of your last great hire. Finding great people that are a good match for your company culture is easier when you have the eyes and ears of your people helping you look. One way to ensure this strategy is successful is to offer current employees the incentive of a referral bonus for candidates that become new hires.

Get Schooled

If you’re looking to attract the freshest talent on the market, it’s wise to partner up with colleges and universities. After all, they are preparing the next generation for career success and you have the positions their go-getters need to fulfill those aspirations. Establishing an internship program is a great way to recruit eager new talents that have the potential to turn into great hires.

Creativity in Action: Atlassian’s Recruiting Road Show

Atlassian, a recognized Best Medium-Sized Workplace from the IT industry, was faced with a talent shortage of developers in their local market. Leaders decided to get creative and take their recruiting show on the road. They kitted out a bus and began a road trip, conducting interviews and hosting informational evenings at local coffee shops and pubs—all with the purpose of luring highly skilled developers back to their headquarters for a job at Atlassian.

Their goal was to travel to four major metropolitan areas and hire 15 phenomenal developers in 15 days with the promise of an awesome job and an all-expenses-paid relocation package. The result of their quest? They received over 1,000 applications for their 15 positions in just four weeks, which was more than five times the volume of qualified candidates they normally attract.

Recruiting Stats of the 50 Best Small & Medium Workplaces (25-999 employees) 

  • 36% of last year’s new hires at the 50 Best who were referred by employees
  • 39 of the 50 Best offer a referral bonus
  • $3,378: Average max employee referral bonus
  • $20,000: Highest referral bonus given for a successful referral
  • 14% of employees were gained from college campus recruiting efforts
  • 36 of the 50 Best actively recruit on college campuses

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