Week in Review: Being a Good Boss

Week in Review: Being a Good Boss

Building a Great Workplace requires Good Managers

Good managers are essential to great workplaces, but so often we put the onus for a great workplace culture on the executive leadership. Of course, this makes perfect sense, since it is often the CEO who sets a company’s cultural and strategic direction, and models the behaviors through which cultural values are realized. 

But every leader of people needs to model those behaviors in order to sustain a great workplace. That’s why our Workplace Assessments allow demographic breakdown by workgroup, which is one way of holding managers accountable for the workplace experience of their particular employees. Of course, this information is used as a way to offer struggling people managers the tools and frameworks necessary to be a leader at a great workplace.

This week in review, we’re taking a look at two articles on being the boss:

The first article 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses from Inc. online waxes on the ways great managers think about their company, workplace, and teams.  Check it out and see how you align with their perspectives.

The second features a quote from Jack Welch on the importance of the “soft stuff” of business – the culture. Whether you admire Welch as a great leader, or think that maybe he was a great leader but a bad boss, or however you see it, it’s interesting to see how this CEO interpreted his role as leader as being a steward of company values.

Leslie Caccamese serves as Senior Strategic Marketing Manager with Great Place To Work® Institute