Employee Engagement Data from Emprising™ Helps Stryker Prosper

Employee Engagement Data from Emprising™ Helps Stryker Prosper

You might look at Stryker’s long list of culture awards over the years and think it is a company that has always taken a holistic view on workplace culture. In fact, each division at Stryker runs like its own company and, as a result, has its own slightly unique culture.

This structure is a competitive advantage for both Stryker and employees, as there’s a lot of room to grow and explore new roles without leaving the company. It’s also one of the reasons why 40% of employees have been with the company for more than six years.

Angie Rohrer has been with Stryker for close to 19 years. She has held roles in regulatory affairs, operations, compliance, and HR before landing in her current role as the Director of Inclusion and Engagement.

While D&I was a focus area for leadership within all divisions of the company, CHRO Kathryn Fink recognized that the company would benefit from centralizing the function, opening up the role that Angie was thrilled to fill.

Stryker has been focused on capturing employee engagement data since 1993, years before culture became a focus for most companies.

But it was only when Angie took on her new role that the company decided to merge all their data, bringing together results from their engagement surveys and Trust Index™ survey for a holistic view of how all employees experience their workplace.

Angie says, “What I love about the Trust Index is that the questions are really specific. Even without additional color or follow up, I can understand how people are thinking.

"And, when you drill down into the data with Emprising™ to see how different demographics or races experience a certain aspect of the workplace, it’s even easier to connect the dots and see areas that need focus.”

Angie explains, “Emprising allows us to really dig into the comments and the data to find critical insights. We went from using clunky spreadsheets to this beautifully designed cloud-based platform. Everything became so much easier. We were even able to invite HR leaders, employee resource groups and executives to experience the data for themselves, which was very powerful.”

The insights help Angie hone her efforts. She says, “We had been focusing on women and hoping that these efforts would trickle down into different demographics and races but the truth is that each group has unique experiences.

"To be successful and ensure a great workplace, we need to be much more detailed in our research and our action plans.”

When it comes to sharing results with employees, the communications process is led by each division, which is the most authentic way, given how the company operates.

The team develops a summary and empowers each division leader to share the results in their own way. Some choose to have Town Hall meetings, others do it in smaller teams. “But what’s important,” says Angie, “is that the employees know that we’re listening and growing.”

The team’s efforts landed the company in the number one spot on 2019 Best Workplaces for Diversity™. While the company was incredibly proud and celebrated the award, Angie is quick to point out that there is still a lot of opportunity for going deeper and making more progress, saying, “We want to make sure that our employees know we’re still paying attention and we know that there’s still work to be done.”

But still, the recognition, and the additional 9 Best Workplaces™ list placements have been a huge competitive advantage for the company and help to drive employee recruitment and visibility in the market. She says, “Being recognized by Great Place to Work has a meaningful impact on our ability to hire great talent.”

Angie also values additional aspects of Stryker’s partnership with Great Place to Work. She follows the blog, stays on top of new Great Place to Work research and loves to actively participate in the community, whether online for Certification Nation Day or in-person at Summit.

She says, “In my job, I have to stay on top of data, trends and best practices. Great Place to Work has become my trusted ally.”