Position HR to Drive the “Business of the Business”

Position HR to Drive the “Business of the Business”

The Human Resources function is the nexus of where a business and its people meet, and is in a unique position to be a powerful force in driving organizational performance by increasing market share, driving customer loyalty, enabling positive public perception, and much more.

But, how does that happen? How does HR become an integral tool to drive overall organizational performance in measures that matter most to business leaders: increased revenue, increased sales per customer, lower customer acquisition costs, and other measures that senior leaders make decisions based upon?

The answer is: By leading the effort to become a High-Trust Culture that drives performance.

In this webinar, Anil Saxena, Partner at Great Place to Work® explores how to shift your company's HR function from an internal, program-based focus to a market based, system focus.

Anil SaxenaPresenterAnil Saxena
Partner, Great Place to Work®

Anil Saxena is Partner at Great Place to Work®, where he excels at working with leaders to develop results-driven solutions that align culture objectives with business strategies, resulting in a more effective, productive and successful workplace. A relational leader and organizational change expert, Anil is adept at bringing simplicity and clarity to complex issues, enabling leaders to pursue a well-planned course of action comprised of practical steps and data-fueled insights. He’s led a number of major international companies to realize significant benefits, such as reduced turnover, improved communications, and increased productivity and innovation. Anil has deep experience across several industries, including energy, financial, information technology, retail, consumer goods, higher education, nonprofits, manufacturing, and healthcare.