Lisa Ratner - October 21, 2011

Win-Win Game: Why we as a society need to work together on transforming the workplace

It has been difficult for me to listen to the news these past few years, and to watch as more and more people lose their jobs, their homes, and their retirement funds. I have especially been disheartened by corporate America and the lack of responsibility taken when it came to the very people who garnered the company’s success in the first place–the employees. I feel as though I have watched the American dream begin to dissolve right in front of me. I am also not alone; it seems that more and more people are finding their voice and exclaiming that they, too, feel some aspects of corporate America are unjust and require great improvement.

Charles Pelton - October 21, 2011

Fast Facts About the 2011 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces

Curious about which companies will be on Great Place to Work®’s first-ever World’s Best Multinational Workplaces list, to be revealed at the New York Stock Exchange on October 27? Here are some hints as to their identities.

Charles Pelton - October 18, 2011

Countdown to the Global Awards: Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Recruiting top-tier talent is the number one priority for most companies; but retaining that talent is essential to their success. On Thursday, Oct. 27, Great Place to Work® will release the first-ever ranking of the top 25 multinationals to work for around the globe.

Leslie Caccamese - October 17, 2011

Fail Fast, Fail Frequently: Lessons from Enabling Innovation

I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the lessons learned at last week’s Conference, Enabling Innovation: Creating Workplace Cultures where Ideas Flourish.

Stacy Simmons - October 14, 2011

The Best Companies Create a Culture of Fairness

In less than a week we will announce the companies recognized on the 2011 Great Place to Work® 50 Best Small and Medium Workplaces list. Glancing at the list-makers, I can tell you that this year is another impressive lineup of amazing companies.

Kelli Marjolet - October 12, 2011

Another sneak peek at the 2011 Best SME Workplaces

Just one short week until October 18th – the day publishes the Great Place to Work® Rankings: 2011 Best Small and Medium Workplaces. While we can’t announce who has made the list just yet, we can give you some tidbits on what to expect from the nation’s Best Small and Medium Companies this year…

Lizelle Festejo - October 10, 2011

Reflecting on Steve Jobs and Innovation in the Workplace

With the upcoming Innovation Conference on October 13, I’ve been thinking more about the term, innovate, which comes from Latin, meaning, to renew. Innovation does not come from thin air, but instead, takes existing ideas and works to improve upon these ideas for some greater good. The recent passing of an extremely important innovator in the world has really moved me to reflect on how innovation is born through his inspirational life of leadership and fearlessness.

Lizelle Festejo - October 6, 2011

How the Best instill pride in the workplace

It’s amazing how much you learn in college, and how much you subsequently forget. For instance, I remember that I once read the entire Marx Engels reader. The content, however, I can barely recollect.

Kelly Tobin - October 5, 2011

The value of building pride in the workplace

When it’s present at work, it inspires individuals and teams to achieve more, communicate better, and build upon each other’s strengths. When it’s not present, it can get ugly. Really ugly. I’m talking about the often abstract yet extremely powerful feeling of “pride.”

Leslie Caccamese - October 3, 2011

Leaving Ideas on the Table

While companies may go to extraordinary lengths to ensure they don’t leave money “on the table,” many of them aren’t a fraction as frugal when it comes to ideas.

Kelli Marjolet - September 30, 2011

Best Companies Choose the Right Programs for Their Employees

We’re just weeks away from the release of the Great Place to Work® Rankings: 2011 Best Small and Medium Workplaces presented by Entrepreneur® and, as you can imagine, the anticipation level around here has hit fever pitch. On October 18th the 2011 list will be published on

Laurel Smylie - September 27, 2011

Communication's role in building credibility

When I’m first introduced to a company, one of the things that I look at is how they communicate, and does it line up with what others (both internally and externally) say about them? Why? In addition to watching how they conduct their business, I want to know that they are in-touch and credible: internally with employees and externally in their field. This always starts with communication.

Leslie Caccamese - September 26, 2011

Innovating at the speed of social media

Every once in a while I get a marketing email for a webinar on how to manage social media in the workplace. The messages are littered with fear-mongering phrases, like “Do you know what your employees are saying about your company?” “Your employees are wasting your time!” and my personal favorite, “How to police your employees’ social media usage.”

Leslie Caccamese - September 21, 2011

Ingredients for Innovation: Collaboration

If you’ve picked up a newspaper recently, you may have noticed every business analyst and political pundit demanding that US companies “innovate” in order to help us remain relevant and growing in an increasingly competitive global market.

Erin Liberman Moran - September 19, 2011

Characteristics of the Fastest Growing Companies

Amidst all of the news about the economy’s stunted growth, I was very eager to get a hold of a copy of Inc. magazine’s issue on the 500 fastest growing private companies to learn more about what these companies are doing to achieve strong growth and expand the economy in these tough times.

Kelli Marjolet - September 19, 2011

A sneak peek at the 2011 Best SME Workplaces

Anticipation is mounting as we begin the month-long countdown to October 18 – the day publishes the Great Place to Work® Rankings: 2011 Best Small and Medium Workplaces. While we can’t announce who has made the list just yet, we can give you a sneak peek at what to expect from the nation’s Best Small and Medium Companies this year…

Jaime Zepeda - September 1, 2011

Deeper Than Pockets

“It just doesn’t pay enough.” We’ve all said this about a job at one time or another, and it’s never really just about our paycheck. We feel underappreciated and overutilized. We are dissatisfied with many things all at once, but feel like the idea of “pay” captures all of it best when we try to describe what we dislike about our job.

Leslie Caccamese - August 26, 2011

Work-Life Balance? Bah Humbug!

Yesterday I had a telephone conversation with a People Strategy leader from a big brand that also happens to also be a Best Company to Work For. My interlocutor said something that surprised me. No, something that shocked me.

Leslie Caccamese - August 19, 2011

Can Great Workplaces Close the Income Gap?

Much has been made lately of the “income gap” in America, propelled largely by a recent report by Paul Solman of PBS which noted that 40% of Americans possess only .3% of the nation’s wealth (yes, that decimal was intended). Add that to conversations about double dip recession, inflation and the debt ceiling and watch as a maelstrom of finger pointing, punditry and public outcry overtake the airwaves and we struggle to figure out “who is to blame?” and “who is to fix it?”

Robert Levering - August 16, 2011

Brazil Celebrates Its 15th Annual List

Today, we are we celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first publication of any Great Place to Work® list – in Brazil. In the process, we are also commemorating what has turned out to be the beginning a very significant global movement that is changing the quality of work for millions of employees throughout the world.