CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING NAMED ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST WORKPLACES! In this kit, you’ll find some ideas on how to celebrate the occasion!

Only companies recognized as one of the 2017 World’s Best Workplaces can use this logo. Please feel free to use the logos for the next year. There is no license fee to do so, and you may use them online provided you link either to your write-up in the Fortune story or to your Great Place to Work® Profile. (Each Fortune write-up links your Profile).

Where NOT to use logo: 

The logo cannot be used by these same companies in a country in which their company is not recognized on that country’s Great Place to Work® list. For example, if Company X is listed in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, and Germany, that company could use the Global logo only in those countries. And, in this case, Company X would not be allowed to use the logo in the UK.

However, if company X wants to use this logo in an international, global or corporate campaign, it can do so if it mentions the countries (i.e., in this case, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, and Germany), in which it is recognized as a great workplace by Great Place to Work®.

Please note: 

• Companies cannot use the Great Place to Work® corporate logo. 

There is no need to sign consent of logo use.



Your winning status is strictly embargoed and you may not alert any press, conduct any media efforts or use the logo in any promotional material until the embargo is lifted on October 26, 2017 at 7 AM EST. Additionally, we ask that you please do not share this news with your employees until after the embargo is lifted.


Shout out to the Press:

Tailor this sample press release to fit your company.


Celebrate With Your People:

Your people are integral to your success in being named among the World’s Best Workplaces. Make sure they feel the love! Here are some ideas about how to get the party started internally.

Suggestions for Internal Activities

  • Say “Thanks” From Senior Leaders – Hearing the news from the top of the organization makes the recognition more special. Whether it’s via email, a video, a blog, or an in-person meeting, make sure your leaders set the tone and thank employees for making the company a great place to work!
  • Extra! Extra! Read All About It – If your company has an Intranet, internal social media platform (like Yammer or Slack), or digital signage throughout your offices, use that real estate to celebrate your accomplishment! Encourage people to share in the revelry with their colleagues.
  • Show Your Swagger with Swag – Who doesn’t love great party favors, especially when they’re celebrating your great achievement? Deck your offices with branded balloons and banners and upgrade your employees’ wardrobe with World’s Best t-shirts, tote bags, and other fun accessories!

Share on Social Media:

Being named among the World’s Best Workplaces is huge for your brand! Make sure your fans and followers – and potential candidates and clients! – are in the know about your status. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, fill your social spaces with your World’s Best news!


Suggested Tweets

 Our employees named us to @GPTW_Global @FortuneMagazine #WorldsBestWorkplaces list [insert your LINK]

 We're proud to be named @GPTW_Global @FortuneMagazine #WorldsBestWorkplaces list [insert your LINK]

 We're [insert rank] on the @GPTW_Global @FortuneMagazine #WorldsBestWorkplaces list [insert your LINK]

 We made the @GPTW_Global @FortuneMagazine #WorldsBestWorkplaces list [insert your LINK] list announced today!

 Thanks to our employees we're [insert ranking] on @FortuneMagazine #WorldsBestWorkplaces list [insert your link]

Learn More About Us and the List:

Download the PDF with some fast facts about who we are and how the World’s Best Workplaces list came to be. To learn more about the methodology behind the list click here.