Dixon Schwabl

#19 - Best Small Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing
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This small New York advertising agency sets aside an ample amount of their budget for employees to get fit and have fun, sponsoring everything from company barbeques on the patio to weight-loss competitions. Employees also get the chance to rock out with the company band (named "Afternoon Socks," a term Dixon Schwabl uses to symbolize re-energizing on long days by putting on a new pair of socks). Because "Companies Are People Too," the company conducts regular off-site retreats where employees brainstorm the agency "personality," and identify key characteristics; these traits are later integrated into constructive monthly events put on by a rotating cross-functional team. In 2012, the agency held a wine tasting party and bonus check celebration for the distribution of the 2011 profit-sharing program earnings, rewarding success to every employee over vino at the vineyard.

Employees take a spin on the Dixon Schwabl slide, which starts on the second floor and ends in the main lobby of the agency’s headquarters.
dixon-schwabl-ae_lobby dixon-schwabl-bocce_jon_bob
A Dixon Schwabl employee stands in the main lobby, which showcases one of the agency’s "Horses on Parade." Employees enjoy a game of bocce ball at Dixon Schwabl’s headquarters.