Honorable Mention for Work-Life Balance

INDUSTRY: Information Technology - Software
LOCATION: South Carolina

PeopleMatter certainly shows people they matter with a generous array of benefits and programs designed to support optimal work-life balance at this talent management software company.  With a vacation policy that offers unlimited PTO, in addition to 10 official holidays and 2 “on-the-fly” holidays, time away from the office is supported and encouraged. Additionally, employees are eligible for a 4-week paid sabbatical once every 3 years. With a flexible scheduling program used by 80% of employees, it’s easy to fit your life into your work day. With 100% of health care covered for employees (and health care extended to retirees as well), and a free onsite fitness center that even employees’ families can use, the body and the mind are well-cared for here.  With an office space full of natural light, regular fun activities including beer bashes, a shoe-optional dress code, and a “celebrate everything” mentality, PeopleMatter deserves an honorable mention for taking care of the people who take care of the business.

Employees take part in a Field Day.
weekly-team-cheer sumo-wrestling
Employees participate in a weekly team cheer. PeopleMatter employees compete in a Sumo Wrestling match.