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#4 - Best Small Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Professional Services - Consulting – Management
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"Success Sharing" is not just a profit-sharing program at healthcare consulting firm Studer Group, but a philosophical approach to values and culture. To be eligible for Success Share, employees must submit and see implemented at least one "Bright Idea" that improves operational, financial and organizational performance. "Connect to Purpose" moments are client success stories routinely shared and celebrated with all employees. With unbridled access to senior leaders and a commitment to transparency that gives employees access to everyone’s 90-day performance plan, employees at Studer Group feel like they are "difference makers."


President and CEO BG Porter and Studer Group Founder Quint Studer with a Flame Award recipient.

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Studer Group employees come together for a discussion.

Studer Group's COO Debbie Ritchie and a Pillar Award winner.