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2012 Best Multinational Workplaces Announced

2012 Trends - Tougher to be at the Top

Otto Zell

Every company on any Great Place to Work® list is doing a great job creating a work culture based on trust, pride and camaraderie. All companies considered for the Global Top 25 list are doing an exceptional job. Not much separates the top-ranked company on the 2012 list, SAS Institute, from the 25th company, Mars.

This year, it became increasingly difficult for any company to make it onto the 2012 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List. The average Trust Index© employee survey score within the 25 listed companies inched up by 1%. For the top five companies on the list – SAS Institute, Google, NetApp, Kimberly-Clark, and Microsoft – employee survey scores increased by an average of 5%.

It´s good for business

Being a great workplace is good for any company’s bottom line. On average, returning companies on the World’s Best Workplaces list increased their revenue by 9% this year. Moreover, great workplaces are good for the economy as a whole: over the past 12 months, these 25 companies created 120,000 new jobs globally. Accordingly, these companies excel at attracting and retaining top talent. Indeed, the number of applications the 25 companies receive is, on average, 11 times the number of employees that they have. Furthermore, voluntary turnover at 15 of the 25 companies was at 8 percent per annum, compared with the all industry average in the United States of 9.1%, according to CompData Service.

It´s all about culture

Companies often compete by providing similar products and services. A great workplace culture, however, cannot be replicated, even by copying another company’s methodology. Culture is a company’s greatest competitive advantage and a sure path to successful business outcomes: no company can afford to NOT be a great workplace. By empowering their employees at work and supporting them both personally and professionally, the Top 25 Multinational Workplaces unleash creativity and innovation – the fuel that keeps them growing and thriving.

Learn which companies made this year's 25 Best Multinational Workplaces list.

Otto Zell is the Director of Global List Management at Great Place to Work®.


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