#12 - Best Medium Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Media - Online Internet Services
LOCATION: Virginia

At a time when jobs seem scarce, “Snaggers” continue to generate an abundance of stories, testimonials and photographs celebrating their knack for finding job-seekers work. Their new office space, “Snaggertown,” was designed with Snagger input. The new office is equipped with un-walled workspaces, orange beach cruisers, a slide, a conference room with green grass flooring, a pop-corn machine and a “town-center” where Snaggers gather to share thoughts in their weekly “all-minds” meetings. New employees are welcomed to town with a personalized orange jersey (their hire number emblazoned on the back), a hand-written note from the CEO and a $100 gift card to celebrate joining the team.


Snaggers kick back and relax in the pub after a busy day of connecting job seekers with positions.

welcome-sign big-brothers--big-sisters
This sign greets all visitors to Snagajob’s award-winning office space, SnaggerTown.

Director of Programs for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Richmond & Tri-Cities, Chris Beach, enjoys a ride down our slide after talking to the entire company about volunteer opportunities.