#7 - Best Medium Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing & Production
LOCATION: Colorado
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With a 55% increase in employment, this manufacturing and production company has imbued 249 new Otters with "ottertude" this year, rapping about their values and making up skits during "Ottermersion." Spiral slides, pinball and foosball machines, new iPads and their recent addition of a lunch lottery (where employees are drawn at random to have lunch together and socialize) provide a carefree and creative habitat where Otters are inspired to direct their energy towards caring about each other and their communities. All employees receive 24 hours of PTO for volunteering and a weekly update on non-profits in need of help.

Every week, all of the OtterBox office locations receive a delivery of fresh fruit that is dispersed to common areas throughout the building.
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All OtterBox employees receive 24 hours of paid time off to volunteer and several group volunteer activities are offered up every month, such as this one for Habitat for Humanity.

OtterBox headquarters reflects the playful and innovative culture of the company. The main entry even features a functional spiral slide.