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2012 Conference Webcasts

Welcome & Opening Keynote
The High-Trust Organization: Walking the Talk at Whole Foods Market
john-mackey-webJohn Mackey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

The single most important requirement for the creation of higher levels of trust for any organization is to discover or rediscover the higher purpose of the organization. Why does the organization exist? What is it trying to accomplish? What core values will inspire the organization and create greater trust from all of its stakeholders?

In this session, John Mackey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, will explore how placing “higher purpose” at the core of Whole Foods Market’s business model inspires trust from all major stakeholders: customers, team members, investors, suppliers, and the larger communities where they do business. Learn how leadership walking the talk, small team structures, a culture of empowerment, fairness, and a sense of caring creates a single purpose and contributes to both a great workplace and a great business.

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dr-noseworthy-webKeynote: The Mayo Effect — The Power of One
Dr.  John Noseworthy, President & CEO,  Mayo Clinic

How do you motivate 56,000 employees in five states to adopt a single mission? By showing them the powerful effect one person can have in achieving a company’s mission and driving success.

At Mayo Clinic, the primary value is to put the needs of patients first, no matter the ever-present challenges of the economy, regulatory agencies and the ambiguities of health care reform. 

In this session, John H. Noseworthy MD, President & CEO of Mayo Clinic, will speak about The Mayo Effect and Mayo Clinic’s strategic vision. Learn how Mayo Clinic inspired its current generation of employees to recognize their role in putting the patient first. Through a series of powerful stories, Dr. Noseworthy will explore how Mayo Clinic’s values thrive in the challenging environment of 21st century health care providers, how Mayo Clinic employees provide patients with hope and solutions, how they earn patient trust, how they bring the latest research to the patient’s bedside, and how the power of one has enhanced the power of the whole.

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jeffrey2Keynote: Exploring a Culture of Creativity and Innovation with Jeffrey Katzenberg
Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO, DreamWorks Animation

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of DreamWorks Animation SKG, highlights the studio’s culture of creativity and provides insight into the factors that distinguish DreamWorks Animation as the only entertainment company to be named a Best Company to Work For.  Learn about the DreamWorks Animation process, from hiring and retaining the best employees, to the development of award-winning animated feature films.  Katzenberg details an employee environment unparalleled in the industry thanks to philosophies, programs and benefits that emphasize the value of every individual in the Company.  What’s next for DreamWorks Animation?  Enjoy an inside sneak-peek at some of the upcoming projects from the world’s largest animation studio. 

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clarence-otis-webKeynote: The Guest Experience Can Never Exceed the Employee Experience—How Darden’s Strong Corporate Culture Drives Business Success
Clarence Otis, CEO, Darden Restaurants

Darden is considered by many to be the most successful full-service restaurant company in the industry. As the owner and operator of some of the world’s most popular brands—Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse—they truly believe the guest experience can never exceed the employee experience. Why? Because ultimately, the company’s brands are delivered by front line employees in more than 1,900 locations across North America.

Clarence Otis, Darden’s Chairman and CEO, will share his insights on the company’s employee engagement strategies that play an integral role in inspiring the kind of discretionary effort from employees that is often the difference between a good guest experience and an exceptional one.

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tom-folliard-webClosing Keynote: Invest in Associates to Build a Better Business
Tom Folliard, President & CEO, CarMax

Associate training, development and reward programs are often casualties during a business downturn. CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, took a different approach. CarMax’s President and CEO Tom Folliard will tell how the company used the financial crisis as an opportunity to, “Build a Better CarMax.” The company significantly increased its efforts in training and development, and tapped into Associates’ innovative ideas to improve the customer experience and increase buyer satisfaction.

Tom has always said, “Take care of your Associates, they will take care of our customers, and the rest will take care of itself.” He will share how this approach has brought the company closer to its customers and is continuing to guide its future.

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Best Practices from Best Companies

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  • “I was amazed at the lengths and efforts put forth by the featured organizations to build a culture of trust and autonomy. It was very eye opening."

    -Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Retail