Riot Games

#3 - Best Medium Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Media - Online Internet Services
LOCATION: California

Not many people can say they get to play video games for work, but it’s part of the daily routine at Riot Games, maker of the popular online game League of Legends. Riot Games employees - they prefer the term “Rioter” – are interested in tweaking the norms of corporate America, and their actions are guided by the “Riot Manifesto.” Rioters work their own set hours, and as of this year, have an unlimited amount of paid time off. Employees receive a whopping 200 hours of training per year, including classes for public speaking, leadership and “Denewbification” - onboarding for new and existing Rioters. The company’s culture is centered around creativity and play – with twice monthly game nights (which includes board games), and “Taste the Riot” open houses where teams can show off their latest work. Game play also factors into job interviews. When considering new candidates, the company looks into their League of Legends activity to see what type of player they are. If the candidate regularly engages in toxic behavior (including being banned from the game), their application receives extra scrutiny – but if they’re collaborative and a positive addition to the online community, the company believes they are more likely to be a team player.


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