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Why We Do What We Do

A Letter From Co-founder Robert LeveringRobertLevering_shirt

We believe that every company can be a great workplace. Great Place to Work® exists to make that happen.

We start with a profound respect for organizations considered by their employees to be great workplaces. The leaders of these companies are our heroes, and we stand in awe of what those organizations represent — beacons of hope in what is too often a sea of workplace mediocrity.

Our Mission: Building a better society by helping companies to transform their workplaces.

We believe change can best be achieved by encouraging organizations to aspire to become their best rather than demanding that they fix what is wrong. That’s why our approach is positive. By focusing on the examples set by great workplaces, we spread the good news that any company anywhere can follow in their footsteps.

From studying the world’s best workplaces, we have learned that trust is the key differentiator. This applies to all organizations regardless of national culture, industry, size or age. By raising the level of trust in the workplace, companies everywhere can improve their business results since cooperation and innovation depend on trust.

A Question of Competition

Other firms may offer competitive products and services, but Great Place to Work has no competitors. No other organization shares our unique social mission. Others may help companies make marginal improvements in their workplaces, but we endeavor to help organizations transform their cultures. Great workplaces are qualitatively different because of the impact of trust on workplace relationships.

We believe in changing the quality of work life for all employees throughout the world. As pioneers of this social movement, we encourage all those who wish to create their own great workplaces. Like us, they wish to build a better society for all employees everywhere.

Our Role in the World

We contribute to this social mission in several ways:

  • As the world’s experts in great workplaces, we deliver gold standard lists and rankings that identify and classify the world’s best workplaces.
  • Our robust models for understanding workplace cultures have led us to develop peerless workplace assessment tools that help companies interpret their workplace cultures and decide how they can launch change initiatives.
  • Our simple but powerful concepts have allowed us to develop workshops and training courses for leaders and employees to help them foster a great workplace.
  • Because of our unique role as the premier arbiter of workplace excellence, we help through our conferences and networks (both in-person and online) that provide opportunities to exchange experiences.promote communities of like-minded companies and individuals
  • Our ongoing research — and unparalleled database of the world’s best workplaces — enable us to share stories and insightsabout great workplaces through publications and online resources around the world.

As promoters of this workplace culture ideal, Great Place to Work always endeavors to maintain the highest integrity. We develop our best workplace lists completely independently, without regard to any business relationships we may develop with any individual company. Our clients are ordinary managers and employees of organizations. Our objective is to improve the quality of their workplace experience.

Finally, we strive to create a great workplace ourselves. We must walk the talk that we espouse for others.


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