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There are more than two dozen best companies lists from nearly every country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Some lists rate national large, medium and small companies; others take a regional (state) view; still others are sector- or interest-based (government, minorities, women in the workplace, technology.)

In 1997, Brazil was the first country where a Great Place to Work® Best Companies annual list was published. Since 2004, Great Place to Work has created all-Latin America best companies lists that cover the entire region from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego. Indeed, today, more than 1.25 million employees participate annually throughout the region in our list assessments.

Positive Social Impact

Citizens and governments have been eager to adopt the Best Companies program, especially where civil war or economic collapse have been particularly disruptive. They see the constructive competition and concomitant transformation into high-trust work cultures as a way to strengthen local businesses, share best practices and build national pride. Today, employees throughout Latin America have the option of working at some of the most desirable companies to work for in the world.

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