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Ruby Receptionists

#1 - Best Small Workplaces

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

Ultra-friendly receptionists are the hallmark of this Portland-based virtual receptionist outfit. With three full-time positions dedicated to ensuring a strong culture (Director of Culture, Office Champion and the Rubyinator), Ruby Receptionists is dedicated to “Fostering Happiness.” Quarterly games and competitions reward employees for creating meaningful connections in an increasingly virtual, technology-focused world. To further increase employee happiness, “Smile Files” offer a place to store compliments and handwritten thank you cards, and Ruby kicked off a “Happiness Journal” program with the chance to win a trip to Hawaii to encourage Rubys to keep positive experiences top-of-mind.

Rubys gather for their daily huddle.
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An employee looks over a handwritten note card from her "Smile File." Rubys practice their warrior pose in an on-site yoga session.