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25 Years of Research and Data From Millions of Employee Surveys Tell Us That Trust is the Key to Great Workplaces.

The best workplaces understand the factors that are truly valued by their people. They perpetuate policies, practices and behaviors that strengthen the employee-manager relationship. Employee retention improves, mitigating the costs of continual re-hiring of personnel.

Great Place to Work’s® expertise in organizational culture and leadership coaching helps transform companies into great workplaces by uncovering areas of  improvement and by helping companies to develop practices, policies and behaviors that build credibility, respect and fairness into the culture of the workplace.

Trust Index© Employee Survey

What are your employees' perceptions of your workplace?

datashotThe Trust Index© Employee Survey is the most extensive employee survey in corporate America and is the primary research tool for assessing and rating organizations that appear on the annual FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list. The Trust Index© Employee Survey is taken by over 10 million employees around the world annually and measures employee engagement by surveying employee opinions, attitudes and perceptions on the level of trust between colleagues and between management and employees. Comments are collected from open-ended questions on the employee survey that provide you with your employees’ perceptions of what makes your company a great workplace what could be done to make it even better.  The assessment is easily implemented and can be customized to compare results across work-groups, locations, or any demographic within your organization. You can benchmark your survey results against an array of relevant yardsticks including the Best Companies overall average results, companies within your industry, companies of a similar size, public or private companies, etc.

After analyzing results from the Trust Index© Employee Survey a Great Place to Work® workplace culture consultant will work with you to better understand and interpret your results, identify high impact focus areas for your company, and reference best practices employed by Best Companies. Our workplace culture consultants make recommendations on how and what changes to implement given your unique organizational culture. To learn more about how the Trust Index© can help you assess business culture, we encourage you to contact us.

Workplace Culture Assessment

What gaps exist between your employees' perceptions and the culture you strive to create?   

voahi4b_grayThe Workplace Culture Assessment identifies gaps between the culture you intend to create and the one that employees actually experience. Findings from the Culture Assessment uncover whether your investments in specific programs and employee benefits are truly aligned with employee values and interests.

Built upon findings from the Trust Index© Employee Survey, the Workplace Culture Assessment overlays an audit of your company culture with an analysis and inventory of the policies, practices, programs and day-to-day management behaviors that form the foundation of your workplace culture. Responses are rated for variety, originality, all-inclusiveness, human touch, and integration. Combining these results with scores from the Trust Index© Employee Survey, our consultants create a complete assessment of your organizational culture, with data presented in a graphical, easy-to-understand findings report. Your consultant will present your company’s unique strengths and help you explore areas of opportunity to set your company on the path towards creating an organizational culture on par with the world’s leading companies.

Follow-on coaching and action planning guided by your consultant can help you bridge the gaps that exist between your organizational policies and practices, how employees experience those practices, and the impact they have on your workplace culture.


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