Great Place To Work® Announces 'The Great Transformation'

 Great Place To Work® Announces 'The Great Transformation'

Bold 3-year research initiative to build a blueprint for the future of work unlocks new ways to hire, promote and retain employees, and build more resilient, innovative and productive workplaces so businesses can thrive in an ever-changing world 

(Oakland, Calif. Oct. 11, 2023) – Today, Great Place To Work® announces The Great Transformation, a groundbreaking, three-year research initiative consisting of 11 organizations including Accenture, Cadence, Cisco, DHL Express, Dow, Encore, Hilton, KPMG, Synchrony, UKG and World Wide Technology. CEOs, CHROs, and Chief Diversity Officers from these organizations have committed to participating in targeted, data-backed pilot initiatives designed to unlock the full potential of all employees and improve organizational productivity, agility, resilience and innovation. 

The first-of-its-kind cohort collectively represents more than 1.4 million global employees across a broad range of industries, including technology, finance, transportation, hospitality, professional services, semiconductors and manufacturing. 

"These companies have boldly taken action to transform their organizations,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place To Work. “At the peak of COVID they decided to redesign their For All business processes. They have courage in ways that we know most companies do not. These leaders are willing to change, make hard decisions, and commit to finding solutions that will move their business forward. It's one thing to have data that shows how you can improve the experience of your people and your business, but it's another to have the courage to act on that data. That's not easy to do, but that's what these companies have done.” 

Great Place To Work used its methodology, backed by 30 years of measuring great company culture, to analyze each cohort member’s extensive employee data set to develop and test radical new ways to revolutionize the employee experience.   

“These companies were already great, but they want to be even better,” Bush says. “Other companies say, ‘We have work to do.’ But after three years, these companies will be able to tell the world: ‘Look how far we’ve come.’” 

Cohort companies are making unprecedented strides in their approach to hiring, promoting, and retaining employees from all backgrounds. 

Actions include a range of transformative ideas and pilot initiatives, including how to unlock advocacy throughout organizations by utilizing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) so they become engines for innovation, talent development, and revenue growth. Other companies are using technology to find new ways to make sure all employees are seen and recognized for promotions. And others are training leaders to lead differently so these new initiatives can succeed. 

“Leaders have to transform and evolve, and these companies understand that to be the best in the world, you need to lead for all,” Bush says. “Every leader wants to generate greater innovation and productivity, and by tapping into the full potential of their people, they can do that. A ‘for all’ leader ensures every employee can contribute their best. Thanks to the work of this cohort, we now have the metrics to measure the experience the leader creates for all levels of their organization. When that happens, companies outperform. That’s the future of leadership.”

At the end of the three-year initiative in May 2024, Great Place To Work and the cohort will showcase the results at the For All Summit in New Orleans. Leaders from the cohort will share which approaches have proven successful and what concrete steps will create more equitable and innovative workplaces for every worker, including women and marginalized communities to hourly workers and mid-managers.  

The impact of The Great Transformation goes beyond the cohort and will inspire organizations around the world to create more equitable workplaces where all people are seen, recognized, and valued for their contributions. 

"This journey isn't just about our cohort; it's about helping businesses all over the world," Bush says. “These 11 companies have opened themselves up to change and transformation and did the hard work so the rest of the world can learn from their experience and insights. This will be as close to a blueprint for the future of work as anything we’ve seen because the future of work is for all.”

Learn more about The Great Transformation, and join the Great Place To Work community to help you on your journey to transform your workplace and become a great place to work for all. 

CEO Commentary

"It’s been incredibly thought provoking to work with this collection of leaders who understand that engaged employees and business success are intrinsically linked. We’re on a journey to understand how we can further lean on the voices of our employees to drive better outcomes for ourselves and our customers. One avenue we’re exploring together is the untapped potential of Employee Resource Groups. We already see the incredible impact that ERGs have at UKG, surfacing ideas that have led to meaningful changes for our employees and the business. It has been energizing for me personally and I'm grateful for this journey to keep learning together."

--Chris Todd, CEO, UKG

"The decade of AI we are entering will transform business, industries and the way we live and work, and keeping people at the center of this shift is critical. The Great Transformation is a bold step toward helping companies access and create the best talent and unlock people's full potential to drive faster and more effective change. We look forward to expanding our rewarding partnership with Great Place To Work and sharing ideas with the other cohort companies—we know we will discover new ways to support all our people with care and compassion and make Accenture the best place for achieving their personal and professional aspirations."

-- Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO, Accenture

“Diversity of thought and experience are key for driving innovation. Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the core of who we are as a company, and through our collaboration with the Great Place To Work Institute on their Great Transformation initiative, we’re accelerating progress in these critical areas. We look forward to seeing the impact of the partnership as we work to create equal opportunities for current and future workers in our industry, paving the way for fulfilling careers.”

--Dr. Anirudh Devgan, President and CEO, Cadence

“Cisco is proud to be part of The Great Transformation alongside 10 other incredible organizations. Our work with Great Place To Work and this cohort has already begun to elevate our global people strategy and aligns directly to Cisco's purpose to power an inclusive future for all. Together, we are setting a blueprint for a future where businesses and employees can thrive in an ever-changing world.”

--Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems

“The secret sauce in making a great company even better is ensuring the people that support you every day feel valued, championed, and have a sense of belonging. Great Place To Work has had a significant role in helping DHL continue to do just that. As the future of work continues to evolve, we’re thrilled to continue our learning journey through the help of The Great Transformation project, all for the benefit of our greatest asset: our people.”

--Greg Hewitt, CEO, DHL Express U.S.

“When we invest in inclusion, diversity and equity, the benefit is immense for Team Dow and for our Company. The Great Transformation is one way we are tapping into data, expertise and best practices from our partners and other companies to cultivate an inclusive culture. Through this work, Dow is striving to accelerate the measurable engagement and impact generated by Employee Resource Groups."

--Jim Fitterling, Chair and CEO, DOW

“Great companies know their most valuable assets are their people. Nowhere is this truer than in the service industry. We’re proud to join the Great Transformation at a time of our own company’s reimagining.  Embracing a ‘for all’ culture for us means celebrating our teams to ensure they feel a sense of belonging in a community they want to grow. It’s a simple truth: Engaged teams who feel supported and valued are best able to deliver for customers. It’s how tomorrow’s successful companies will compete.”

--Ben Erwin, President and CEO, Encore

“For more than a century, we’ve been guided by our founding purpose to make the world a better place through our hospitality – and it’s a vision that continues to guide the work we do each day to create incredible experiences for our guests and support our team members. Building a ‘For All’ culture is only possible when we all work together to cultivate an inclusive, caring work environment, and we are proud to partner with Great Place To Work and the companies who are part of the Great Transformation to co-create that future of work.”

--Chris Nassetta, President and CEO, Hilton

“At KPMG, we are continuously seeking new ways to enhance how we attract, develop and engage a collaborative and diverse workforce. As we navigate transformative ways of working, we prioritize efforts that further our ability to support our people, which makes the difference in the way we grow trust, sustain growth and foster meaningful opportunities to do work that matters.”

--Paul Knopp, US Chair and CEO, KPMG

“Synchrony has long been a values-led company and culture. In partnership with Great Place To Work, we are taking a closer look at what For All Leadership really means, challenging ourselves to embrace the mindset shifts and leadership behaviors needed to unlock innovation, accelerate equity for all and drive strong business results.”   

--Brian Doubles, President and CEO, Synchrony

"Participating in The Great Transformation with GPTW has been an incredible journey and driving force in propelling positive change. We are so grateful to Michael Bush and the invitation for World Wide Technology to join this consortium as it has helped advance our own DEIB efforts by enabling us to share best practices, learn from peers, and consistently enhance our approach. We're dedicated to our partnership with GPTW, continuing to champion diversity and inclusivity, and working collaboratively towards a brighter future for all.”

--Jim Kavanaugh, CEO, World Wide Technology 

About Great Place To Work® 

Backed by 30 years of data, Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Through its proprietary For All™ Model and Trust Index™ Survey, it gives organizations the recognition and tools to create a consistently positive employee experience. Its mission is to help every company become a great place to work for all, driving business growth, improving lives, and empowering communities. Through globally recognized and coveted Great Place To Work Certification™ and highly competitive Best Workplaces™ Lists, Great Place To Work enables employers to attract and retain talent, benchmark company culture, and increase revenue. Their platform enables leaders to truly capture, analyze and understand the experience of every employee, and compare outcomes with data collected from more than 100 million employees in over 90 countries worldwide. Learn more at and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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