Certification Nation Day Wrap-Up: How Companies Championed Culture in 2023

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Team members from FACE celebrate Certification Nation Day 2023 and their Great Place To Work Certification™.

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In a world where work is often seen as a means to an end, it’s refreshing to witness and embrace companies that truly prioritize the well-being of their employees. That’s exactly what Certification Nation Day 2023 was about – celebrating workplaces that have been recognized as #GPTWcertified.  
Hundreds of Great Place To Work® Certified™ companies gathered online from November 1 to 8 to join in the weeklong Certification Nation Day 2023 festivities, showcasing their unique company cultures and reaffirming their commitment to creating great workplaces for all. 

When Did Certification Nation Day Start?

Certification Nation Day (CND) was launched in 2019 as an annual event to recognize and celebrate Great Place To Work Certified companies around the world. These companies are distinguished by their exceptional workplace cultures where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.  

Why is Certification Nation Day Important for Certified Companies? 

Certification Nation Day is more than a celebration, it’s a crucial reminder to us all of the importance of nurturing a company culture that champions trust, purpose, and innovation. The weeklong celebration is also an opportunity for Certified companies to showcase their employer brand, attract the finest talent, and strengthen the unity among their current team members. 

Where Does Certification Nation Day Take Place?

Certification Nation Day is an annual online celebration for Certified companies around the world. While the event date varies yearly, the festive tradition remains consistent. For years, Certified companies have embraced the spirit of Certification Nation Day by hosting a diverse range of events to highlight their unique company cultures.  
These events include employee appreciation luncheons, team-building activities, social media campaigns, and even creative videos and animations highlighting the importance of company culture. The celebrations are shared online, in a chorus of social posts, with the hashtags #CertificationNationDay and #GPTWcertified.  

How do you Celebrate Certification Nation Day?

If you’re a Great Place To Work Certified company, there are many ways to celebrate. Here are a few ideas:

Share your Great!   
Post on social media about your company’s Great Place To Work Certification™ and what makes your workplace so special. Use the hashtags #CertificationNationDay and #GPTWcertified to connect with other Certified companies and employees.

Celebrate with your employees   
Host a potluck lunch, happy hour, or other employee appreciation event to celebrate your company’s Certification. Share stories about what makes your workplace great and recognize staff for their contributions with employee stories and videos.

Get involved in your community  
Partner with a local charity or nonprofit organization to volunteer your time or donate to a cause that is important to your employees. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the community that supports your business. 

Certification Nation Day 2023 Celebration Examples 

Certification Nation Day 2023 had a record-breaking turnout, with hundreds of companies proudly showcasing their exceptional company cultures, each driven by the incredible people who make them great. This resounding success serves as a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of creating workplaces with an employee focus. 

A look back at the inaugural Certification Nation Day in 2019 underscores the event’s remarkable growth and the ever-increasing creativity and participation from companies each year. From heartfelt employee testimonials to creative video montages, the #GPTWcertified community has consistently raised the bar for demonstrating the unique cultures that make Great Place To Work Certified companies so special and inspiring.

To spark your creativity for next year’s Certification Nation Day festivities, we’ve curated a collection of the most captivating social media posts. Here are some of the most memorable ways #GPTWcertified companies celebrated in 2023. 

Certified companies get creative celebrating Certification Nation Day 204

A FACE-off to Remember 

FACE’s vibrant and creative montage video captured the essence of their exceptional workplace culture during Certification Nation Day. The video’s dynamic blend of video graphics, quick cuts, and upbeat music brought a fresh and memorable spotlight to the company’s employees, showcasing their diverse and remarkable backgrounds, talents, and passions.   
The caption declared:

FACE is proud to be Great Place To Work US Certified! We’re powered by our people daily who create STAR experiences for our guests!  
Interested in opportunities with us? Check out 
#GPTW #FACE #CertificationNationDay

Through the lens of this captivating visual narrative, FACE effectively conveyed its commitment to fostering a thriving workplace where employees are in the driver’s seat of innovation.  


The Power of Community in the Workplace

Actualize Consulting marked Certification Nation Day 2023 by highlighting the accomplishments of its employees, showcasing a dedication to innovation and a company culture that puts people first.  
The company shared a post that combined employee photos and stories with its impressive survey scores. 
“At Actualize Consulting, we celebrate LIFE, and that enthusiasm shows in our work and our culture. 100% of our people stated that Actualize Consulting is a great place to work, and we are 100% grateful for our team. It is an honor to participate in Great Place To Work US – Certification Nation Day!  
#GPTWcertified#GPTW2023 #collaboration” 
The exceptional survey response rate of 100% is an achievement that reflects the company’s commitment to open communication and employee well-being. It also demonstrates the deep connections that Actualize has fostered among its team members. 


Igniting Passion: A CEO’s Message

Boldly Remote Staffing commemorated Certification Nation Day 2023 by acknowledging its employees’ accomplishments and collaborative spirit. 
In a company-wide announcement, CEO Sandra Lewis shared a heartfelt message expressing pride in the staff’s commitment to professional growth and development.  
“We are SO grateful to our incredible team, whose care, kindness, and professionalism have made us what Boldly is today. Thank you for being the award-winning heart of Boldly!" 
Lewis highlighted the importance of Certification in building a strong team culture and a shared commitment to excellence. 


Showcasing the Heart of Your Brand

Trellix marked Certification Nation Day 2023 with a unique and engaging approach, showcasing employee stories through a captivating video full of animated quotes. This innovative video seamlessly blended the power of voices with the visual medium of animation, creating a compelling narrative that highlighted the importance of Certification and its impact on Trellix employees.

The company shared, “Happy #CertificationNationDay (Great Place To Work US’ global celebration of #GPTWCertified workplaces)! 🎉 
Today, we highlight the strengths of #SoulfulWork—explore employee insights below.”  
Through the use of animated quotes, Trellix allowed employees’ voices to take center stage, which personalized the video. By conveying the genuine experiences and perspectives of its workforce, the video served as a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact of blending different mediums to create a lasting impression. 


One Question Sparks a Tapestry of Voices

Cadence Design Systems celebrated Certification Nation Day 2023 by engaging employees in a meaningful and interactive way. Its social caption was straightforward and compelling, and the complementary video was captivating and insightful.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate our team today! We have an incredibly talented, dedicated & enthusiastic group of individuals contributing to our vibrant culture.   
Wishing everyone a fantastic #CertificationNationDay   
🎉 Great Place To Work US   
#GPTWcertified #WeAreCadence #BestWorkplaces”

Cadence asked employees to answer the question, “What makes Cadence Design Systems a great place to work?” This simple question sparked a wave of responses, showcasing the diverse perspectives and shared experiences that make Cadence a great place to work for all.


A Purrfect Paw-ty for a Pawesome Certification Nation Day 2023

Farnsworth Group, Inc. took a unique and heartwarming approach, hosting a fun-filled contest that encouraged employees to dress up their beloved pets in a display of company pride. With wagging tails, feathered headwear, and scaly costumes, the companys furry, feathered, and scaled companions became the stars of the day, embodying the company’s vibrant and inclusive culture! 
“To mark our 8th consecutive year voted ‘A Great Place To Work,’ we hosted a pet photo contest. With nearly 150 heartwarming submissions, it was undeniably one of the most adorable events we’ve had. It’s only fitting we share some of these delightful highlights with you. 🐾📸 
#GreatPlaceToWork #8isGreat #FarnsworthForward #CertificationNationDay #GPTWcertified” 
Farnsworth Group’s friendly contest was just a glimpse into their spirited, weeklong celebration of Certification Nation Day, which included a company party and scavenger hunt.

Ready to Join Certification Nation Day 2024?

As you prepare for Certification Nation Day 2024, let these inspiring stories and creative expressions ignite your imagination. Certification Nation Day is a celebration of the people who make Great Place To Work Certified companies exceptional, so showcase that inclusive company culture and ongoing commitment to becoming a truly a great place to work for all! 

The Benefits of Being a Great Place To Work Certified Company

Being a Great Place To Work Certified company is not just about bragging rights – it comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity
  • Improved employee belonging and pride
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Enhanced employer brand and reputation
  • Attracting and retaining top talent

The journey to Certification starts here. Become Great Place To Work Certified through a comprehensive, two-step process that measures employee trust within your organization, and join us in 2024 for a truly memorable, inspiring, and global celebration!

Shado Saeyang