Infographic: 9 Reasons Workplace Culture Matters

Infographic: 9 Reasons Workplace Culture Matters

A great employee experience means a strong business.

This is what the research has shown for decades. When companies create a workplace culture that values employees and builds work relationships high in trust, the business does better. In the ever-changing, ultra-competitive business world of today, that can mean a huge advantage.

Yet for some, culture still seems like a “soft” topic – a nice-to-have that’s not core to the business.

So let’s get into the numbers. What exactly does company culture have to do with your business metrics? How can you quantify the ROI of focusing on your employee experience?

We put together this infographic to breakdown exactly how a positive employee experience means better business. While it’s not an exhaustive list, it covers the 9 core connections between your culture and your bottom line. Those reasons range from higher stock market returns to higher employee engagement to increased customer satisfaction.

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