Making Employees Happy at Work Pays Off

 Play the full video below on this page
Play the full video below on this page

Benefits of Company Culture

It is startling how much a company profits from maintaining a consistently good workplace. Here’s a few statistics from our research. A workplace full of happy employees averages:

  • 3x the revenue growth
  • Their employee turnover is 50% less
  • In the stock market, these better workplaces perform 3X higher

In fact, “It’s not about ping pong tables, massages and pet walking;” says Great Place To Work CEO, Michael C. Bush. The key practices are not expensive at all. Any company can do them.

So where are the examples to show us how that kind of leadership that creates profitable, sustainable businesses, regardless of size? At Great Place To Work, we have been working with many of these great leaders and companies for almost 30 years.

The good news is that 1 billion people world-wide already have jobs in great workplaces, so we can learn from them. The bad news is that 2 billion people world-wide are not happy at work. That is a lot of unhappiness. Let’s change that.

Watch this TED video and see if there is one piece of data or practice that will help make employees at your company happier. GPTW CEO, Michael C. Bush, uses our recent research and data to show what factors smart businesses and leaders can use to create happy employees and great places to work.

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Michael C. Bush