Six Strategies for Attracting Talent: Strategy #2

Six Strategies for Attracting Talent: Strategy #2

Highlight the Impact Employees Can Make by Working at Your Company

What impact does your company have on the world? A sense of impact and purpose are critical components of a great workplace. Moreover, according to studies conducted by the University of Michigan, when employees know how their work impacts the lives of others, their company or the world around them, their productivity, morale and job satisfaction increase significantly.

Making an Impact on Millennials

While feeling good about the difference you are making is important to most employees, research has shown that it is especially critical to Millennials. In fact, a 2012 study from iOpener Institute of 18,000 Generation Y shows that a sense of purpose in one's work is a stronger predictor than pay as to whether he or she will stay at a company and recruit their friends.

Your Company's Employee Value Proposition

There are many ways to highlight your company's place in the world—through your website, social media outlets, recruiting materials, and more. Whether employees will have access to high-impact work projects, or ample opportunities to give back to the community through volunteerism, be sure to integrate the impact employees can make by working at your company as a part of your overall Employee Value Proposition.

Best Practice from Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation

Industry | Engineering
Number of U.S. Employees | 279
2014 Best Medium Workplaces Rank | #1

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation, an aerospace engineering and analysis firm, believes in giving job-seekers a clear idea of the type of projects they will work on, the scope of the work, and the impact their work will have on clients, the company, and the global marketplace. The company's website features a variety of completed projects and describes in detail the customer problem, the solution the team at INTUITIVE developed implemented, and finally, the difference their hard work made on clients' success.

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