Trust, Talent and Reputation: Build-a-Bear Workshop Shows The Rewards of Being a Great Workplace

Trust, Talent and Reputation: Build-a-Bear Workshop Shows The Rewards of Being a Great Workplace

Even at the mall, where stiff competition between storefronts is a fact of life, Build-a-Bear Workshop offers proof that supportive employers can see real returns on the investment they make in their people.

This publicly traded company not only made our recent list of the best workplaces in retail, employee surveys have also placed it among Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For in America six years running, as rated by Great Place To Work.

Build-a-Bear These accolades aren't just about bragging rights: Build-a-Bear Workshop's standing as an exceptional employer also helps create a positive cycle that enhances its brand. Thanks to its reputation as a stand-out workplace, scores of job seekers turn to the company's Great Rated review each month to learn what it's really like to work there. About 10,000 of those people accessed Build-a-Bear Workshop's review through a graphic honoring its Fortune-list status on the company's career website, and the award is also mentioned proudly on its Web page for investors. The review itself integrates live updates from the company via integrated feeds from Twitter and Facebook. What's more, Great Rated!'s trusted, independent information backs up Build-a-Bear Workshop's own recruitment material, lending further credibility to the way the company describes its culture, values and benefits. For example, 92 percent of the team members we anonymously surveyed confirm they are proud to tell others where they work, while nine in ten also describe Build-a-Bear Workshop as fun and cooperative.

Build-a-Bear This rapport with job seekers matters. Not only do experienced team members provide better service, some researchers have even make the case that retailers can make substantially more money by offering attractive workplaces. Then there's the company's reputation among consumers. Even for customers with zero interest in picking up a job application, there's a good feeling in knowing that they're patronizing a business that treats its people well.


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