Week in Review

Week in Review

Employee Engagement is Down—Ways to keep things looking up for you!

2011 ended with the sobering news that employee engagement had hit an all time low, with 71% of workers “not engaged” in their work.  With more companies hiring and some indicators of economic rebound starting to show, it’s time to focus on what to do about it. 

Here are some great reads from the week that should get you thinking about how to re-engage and retain your employees, and recharge your company culture.

If Your Company's Culture Needs A Shot In The Arm, Do The Huddle by Eric Ryan

Are your employees disconnected from each other and the company goals?  Do people look like they are dying during your all staff meetings?  Read how a weekly huddle, done well, can keep employees engaged, informed, and connected.

Reward Value, Not Face Time by Tony SchwartzYour company may not be ready for a Results Only Work Environment, but you can still think about “how” your employees work and try to find ways to make their “how” make more sense for them.  Tony Schwartz shares why he’s stopped dictating “how” employees get their work done.

Great Company Culture Isn't Pricey by Paul Spiegelman

Just because your company is still feeling squeezed by the economy, doesn’t mean you can’t invest in your company culture.  In this light read, Paul Spiegelman from The Beryl Companies suggests solutions, that are easy to put into action, that can get your employees having fun and feeling connected!