When Madison Bernal first reached out to Great Place To Work, it was because she wanted to let the world know how much employees loved working for Bankers Healthcare Group.

She knew that Great Place To Work was the industry leader for quantifying workplace culture and she wanted to work with the best.

Her initial goal was to be recognized on a Best Workplaces™ list so that the company would be known as a leader in the field. The culture was already strong but she was looking for external validation and recognition.

Although she didn’t know it during that first call with Great Place To Work, she soon found out that the journey was as sweet as the destination.

For example, in the process of getting Certified™, the team discovered benefits that they didn’t anticipate. They discovered that Great Place To Work provided them with a common language to examine the company culture and allowed them to see areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Madison says, “Without the Trust Index™ survey results, we wouldn’t have data to inform our people strategy. But with the data, we can innovate faster and help our leaders and people grow by giving them the tools and programs they need to flourish.”

For example, through survey results, the culture team discovered that employees often felt stressed. It affected not only their work lives, but also their personal lives. With that data, the team put an action plan together to tackle the problem.

One element was a Month of Mindfulness, which included yoga, meditation, teas and other tools to help employees stay centered. The program was a huge success and not only drove stress down, but made employees even more productive than before. That month, revenue soared.

In addition, Certification helped with employee recruitment and retention. In 2019, the company added 250 employees and retained 85% of their employees, which is phenomenal considering that a large percentage of employees work in a call center, which is known for high burnout and above-average turnover.

Madison attributes the company’s success to Certification, saying, “People see that we’re Great Place To Work-Certified and want to work here. It drives the best talent to our doors and makes it easier to scale quickly because we’re hiring the industry’s brightest employees.”

For the last four years, Bankers Healthcare Group has been named to multiple Best Workplaces lists, including Best Small & Medium Workplaces™, 2019 Best Workplaces in New York™ and the 2019 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance™.

But, Madison will be quick to say that it’s no longer even about the lists. It’s about creating an elite culture where employees “run with the runners” and are cared for and work hard because they believe in the company and their teammates.

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