Every technology company today is looking for increased agility, creativity and performance. While relying on brilliant and visionary CEOs used to be enough, today companies need to tap into the potential of all employees in order to succeed.

When technology companies are able to harness the idea power of all employees, business results follow. Download Innovation in Technology today to learn:

  • Why Ultimate Software doesn’t invite its sales team to its user conference
  • Why Asana’s cofounder leaves the room when a big decision needs to be made
  • What new innovation leadership strategies helped Cadence’s company stock double the performance of the NASDAQ in the past five years

Hint: It’s all about empowering their people.

Today, more than ever, there is pressure on the hospitality industry to not only provide great service but also differentiate the stay.

Comfortable beds, clean rooms and friendly, attentive service are just the cost of doing business. Hotels that want to outperform the competition need to find new ways of personalizing the experience or going above and beyond to please guests.

Download Innovation in Hospitality to learn how 4 hospitality industry leaders including Hyatt, Hilton, Kimpton and Marriott drive innovation by investing in their people first and foremost. The result? An Innovation Velocity Ratio 13.5x greater than the industry average.