Belonging, Uniqueness & Identity: How For All Leaders Encourage Employees to Bring Their Full Selves to Work


Businesses are powered by the human potential of their workforces. Yet too many employees hide that potential at home, uncomfortable bringing their full selves to work.

This loss of potential hampers many organizations' performance. And the challenge is growing more complex, as people today are defining themselves in new ways beyond the check boxes of days past.  In fact, roughly 1 in 8 employees states “prefer not to answer” on one or more demographic questions in Great Place To Work’s Trust Index Survey.

What are your employees telling you when they decline to tell you about themselves? What are distinct drivers of employee experiences in different groups? And what does it all mean for your organization? A lot, according to Great Place To Work research and leaders in the field. We discovered that the experience of employees from marginalized groups was a critical bellwether of how an organization fared during the Great Recession. When leaders reached out to see and listen to those “invisible” populations, companies had much better odds of not just surviving but thriving. 

Join this session to learn about today’s emerging identities, and how For All Leaders cultivate workplaces where every employee feels both a sense of belonging and the ability to be themselves. The session will by hosted by Tony Bond, Great Place To Work’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Learnings from this session include:

  • Develop an understanding of new ways employees are defining themselves 
  • Learn the critical importance and drivers of creating a positive experience for all employees, including those from marginalized populations
  • Hear stories of how For All Leaders reached out to and recognized employees who can sometimes feel “invisible”