Ethics and Diversity in AI: A Framework to Build Trust in the Workplace

The fourth industrial revolution is here. But will it be positive For All? As organizations across the globe begin their artificial intelligence transformation, the leap into the AI era is going to be an order of magnitude more challenging than any technology businesses have grappled with. The challenges go well beyond technical matters to touch on issues of fairness, inclusion and ethics. How can organizations ensure that products and internal systems developed with AI not only avoid bias but contribute to a more equitable employee experience, improved business results and create a better world?

Come to this workshop-style session to explore how leaders versed in ethics can thrive, build trust and create enormous value in the emerging business landscape. Led by Will Griffin, VP of Ethics & Diversity in AI at Hypergiant Industries, a Certified-Great Place To Work that develops custom AI products. Will has created an ethical reasoning framework for evaluating AI tools, a design that includes the use of diverse “red teams” who review, question and test AI use cases. With Will’s guidance, you will wrestle with real-world case studies and come away better equipped to navigate the new realms of AI.

Learnings from this session include:

  • Discover how non-technologists can assess and add value to AI
  • Learn how to develop and deploy ethical reasoning at every stage of the AI process
  • Hear how to create a diversified “red team” to challenge proposed use cases for AI