How O.C. Tanner is creating a community of belonging

Creating a place of deep belonging and support for every person has been at the heart of every O.C. Tanner Company decision since its founding. Using their 40-year history of hiring refugees as a roadmap, O.C. Tanner is committed to creating a place where employees from all types of diverse backgrounds are empowered to grow, contribute, and belong. 

Hear from the Chief Marketing & People Officer and Wellbeing & Safety Leader, as they share how their history of hiring refugees has taught them to look beyond basic DE&I efforts to practices that focus on transformative belonging, community, and employee fulfillment. 

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn how O.C. Tanner used insights from their research to build and empower their workforce
  • Understand why prioritizing belonging creates the best outcomes for a culture of deeply integrated DE&I awareness and action
  • Discover how your employee recognition efforts can increase the depth and effectiveness of your DE&I efforts